About us

Bainbridges is a company formed 30 years ago as a partnership between Peter Bainbridge, who previously had run an auction business in West London, having been an articled clerk with an auction company in Nottinghamshire, and his wife, Jane, who after 11 years had left Sothebys, where she was an expert cataloguer.

Probate work is the speciality of the company, which undertakes hundreds of probate valuations each year and empties hundreds of homes, usually with house clearance for the rubbish and non-economic items, whilst the saleable items are included in one of the regular auctions.

Bainbridges conducts business anywhere. Historic instructions include a valuation of the contents of a German Schloss, the valuation and clearance of a villa on the banks of Lake Como, and a valuation of the contents of Up Down Court in Surrey, a property currently on the market for £70,000,000.

As specialists in PROBATE we are also asked to arrange the delivery of items bequeathed in the will. This can involve any size of item to any country in the world.

We value ALL ITEMS - from the humble to the important. You will see on the Valuations page a picture of a diamond riviere necklace and earrings valued for London solicitors on behalf of a landed estate that included the Coronation crown of King John. More recently, a valuation included a 15th-century Ming bowl, which we subsequently sold for £100,000. Our consultant valuers cover all subjects.

Other aspects of the business have included house sales (where it has been economically beneficial for the client to auction the contents in situ), on-site auctions of boats, motorcycles, and, on behalf of British Telecom, red telephone kiosks. A Canadian firm, RM Auctions, the largest auctioneers of classic motor cars in the world, selected Peter Bainbridge to conduct their catalogue sales (their major auctions throughout the United States and Europe). Recently, in Italy, in a sale of Ferraris held at the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, an important Ferrari was auctioned by Peter for the world record price of $12 million. It sold to Chris Evans, the English radio and TV celebrity.