Title: 4th MARCH 2010

Date Posted: February 17th, 2010

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow !!

That’s the sound after unpacking a collection of 400 cats. Most will be sold in very large lots and there are none by Gallé! The sale on the 4th March is filling rapidly and will prove to be very interesting – that’s if you want a bear skin, or a full Scottish outfit with kilt and sporran for an adult and a child, a one-owner black 1960 Morris 1000 motor car, or, for a slower getaway, a fantastic 5″ gauge ‘Butch’ dock steam locomotive, built in 1977 by Bassett Lowke. Talking of TOYS, amongst the many we have are two Scalextric vintage car racing models, mint and boxed. One is a 1929 Bentley C/64 and the other a 21hp Alfa Romeo (a real one is worth over a million!). We have a Britains Centurion tank, a Corgi ‘Corporal’ with guided missile, and a ‘Bloodhound’ with loading trolley and land-drover, all boxed.

The sale starts as usual with PICTURES about 50 lots comprising all genres incl. a set of 6 signed Cecil Aldin hunting lithographs and Henry Hall, oil of cattle, R. Simkin military study 1881, and other artists including Earl Haig, Paul Marny, R. Holst, W. Lee Hankey, Pietro Annigoni, Eekman. MIRRORS follow and I have just taken receipt, from a clearance in Lambeth, of an old Venetian mirror with traditional cut decoration. There are lots of other mirrors, and also four large Victorian leaded glass windows with portrait centres.  BOOKS: the front page of the Antiques Trade Gazette, issue 1894, illustrates a copy of Ulysses that sold for £275,000. We have a similar copy in this sale, just remove the three noughts! Other books include Dickens’ Works, The Charles Dickens Edition; John Ruskin, Modern Painters, 3 vols; Works of Shakespeare, The Victoria Edition, 1905; Myth and Legend in Literature and Art, The Gresham Publishing Company, 8 vols; and Ian Fleming, Diamond Are For Ever, first edition with dust jacket.

The shelves of CERAMICS AND GLASS are already full to bursting and whilst most contain the usual mixed bag, our front shelves include a Moorcroft biscuit barrel, an 18th century Derby figure and sixteen Meissen musicians and singers. We have a pair of Royal Dux amphora figures of water carriers, a Bretby jardiniere on crane supports, Troika, Satsuma vases, three overlaid Victorian glass vases, Doulton vases, Doulton and Worcester figures, and a huge 19th century dinner service. COLLECTABLES include an important 16th century shoe horn worked with military figures and initials RP, a football signed by English sporting legends (Shilton, Robson, Waddle, Hodge, Woods), an old tin of chloroform capsules ‘…to assist in the removal of men trapped in turrets…’ (you never know when you might need them!), old golf clubs, two large bronze plaques, a Victorian cylindrical music box , lots of dolls, fabulous billiard score board and cue stand with named cues, a corkscrew collection, stamps, an autograph album of music hall celebrities including Houdini, portrait miniatures, and three 19th century banjo barometers.

We have lots of CLOCKS including grandfather and grandmother and brass-framed glass mantle clocks with mercury pendulums; good writing and tea boxes; and an 18th century serpentine knife box. We have a 19th century Mirecourt CELLO, two 19th century German VIOLINS, an English system 48 button concertina, a Besson trombone and a Suzuki guitar. JEWELLERY is a lovely section with numerous interesting items from clearances such as seals, cameos, cufflinks, hat pins, necklaces incl. a 15ct gold guard chain set with turquoise, lots of sovereigns, a solid gold cigarette case, an 18ct gold bracelet, 69.5 gm., a charming 18ct gold dog brooch with diamond eyes, a fine Edwardian peridot and garnet pendant and chain, diamond and other rings and lots more. The SILVER AND PLATE shelves are full.

FURNITURE is everywhere and covers all periods. The best bits are an 18th century Dutch marquetry dressing table, a 19th century rosewood loo table, an 18th century mahogany coffer, brass bound, a Victorian cylindrical night cupboard, a mahogany centre table with marquetry cross-banding, pedestal tables, a Wm IV dining table, a break-front cabinet with plaque-inset doors, bow-fronted chests, 18th century oak dining chairs, an 18th century mahogany linen cupboard, a large oak Globe Wernike bookcase, a modern upright PIANO.

COSTUME includes many fur coats, shoes and handbags. We also have an 1812 Canadian militia coat and a 1904 wedding dress. GENERAL EFFECTS include a new folding cycle, three-piece suites, good beds, white goods, shipping furniture, a large Chinese carpet, etc. … and cats..

Remember the viewing is on the 3rd March from 1-7 and the sale is on Thursday 4th March at 11am.


The catalogue can be viewed on the website from the Saturday before the sale.


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