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Title: 30th OCTOBER 2014 Sale Information

Date Posted: Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Our last auction finished at 9pm.  Charlie Ross, carrying his Monterey tan so well, did a great job and completed his section on time. What a master!  This sale will conclude at 6.30pm I hope, so put it in your diary please, it’s on THURSDAY 30TH OCTOBER AT 11AM WITH VIEWING FROM 1PM THE DAY BEFORE OR FROM 9.30AM ON SALE DAY.       It includes Martin Brothers vases and a three wheel invalid carriage.

We have cleared away the last stock of a St Johns Wood gallery so the PICTURE section is full – about 100 lots and full of nudes.  Artists featured include Reggie Kray with a charcoal portrait of a partially naked lady – life classes for a lifer, also Charles Foster Hall, Ernest Greenwood, Brian Seifert, John Nash (a Harrow artist), Josef Herman, David Waller, Hebuteral, Zandra Rhodes, Leon Maxime Faivre, E. Dorda, E. Loupe, Gill Shields, Carlo Dolci (to be confirmed), L.S. Lowry, Stewart Hine, Susana, David Gordon,  H.P. Koekkoek, and Lewis Mortimer.

JEWELLERY and ART OBJECTS isn’t as full as usual but the interesting items that are included in that section, other than the gold rings, bangles and necklaces include old fountain pens, an ivory parasol needle holder, an old wooden doll dressed in lace, and numerous small items, a miniature motor bike and other small silver items,  sewing and manicure items etc.  The shelves of COLLECTABLES are well served with coins, postcards, cigarette cards, loads of costume jewellery, Movie Screen and Movie Life magazines, good pre-1945 family photograph albums, Kensitas silk flower cards – about 100 – a great collection of cartes de visite mainly of bishops and another group of Queen Victoria’s children and a letter from the Royal Household ordering perfume, dated April 1911, medals and a large and great collection of first day covers in about 100 folders.  Yes that’s big.


4 or 5 years ago David Slater, Southall born and bred, a gentleman if ever you met one, now sadly departed, asked us to sell his collection of MARTIN WARE.  It went very well. The three Martin brothers had a workshop in Southall producing very individual pieces including fabulous grotesque birds that make you laugh.  Gunnersbury museum, soon to reopen, has a wonderful collection.  We are proud to be offering two pieces in this sale. One is a globular vase incised with lilies and the other is a tiny cylindrical vase decorated with perpendicular wavy lines. They are both in good condition, signed and photograped on the blog.

SHELF ITEMS always surprise me. Where does it keep coming from?  Want a good table lamp?  We have dozens. Want brass or copper?  We have such choice including two of the biggest dog bowls I’ve seen. Fancy taking up Chinese calligraphy?  We have a selection of the biggest paint brushes you will have seen – the size of loo brushes!  Cut glass – shelves of it including Waterford and Swarovski crystal ornaments. What else of interest?  A Beswick tiger, Doulton figures HN 1298 and HN 0772, a Lladro bride and groom, 6 small Worcester pieces, stylish Bristol pottery, Moorcroft candlesticks and table lamps, an extensive Crown Staffordshire ‘Hunting Scene’ dinner and tea service, a large tolework tray, a Joseph Wade 1890 violin, a wonderful lacquered easel mirror set with hardstones, Kunst & Ambiente art bronze figures, Whitefriars glass including a Keara vase by Tamara Aladin, Pisquot teawares, old and modern Toby and character jugs, DOLLS, shells, an extensive porcelain bell collection, two old black bakelite phones, one an 1/232L model, an original BIBA naked lady table lamp with original shade, Wade pigs, MORE COLLECTABLES including a Winston model wind up gramophone by Portogramme Radio Industries Ltd., another by Pye, TOYS including a mint and boxed Tri-ang Wrenn 00/HO locomotive ‘City of London 2226′ other tinplate and Tri-ang railways and a phenomonal collection of approximately 200 model vehicles including commercials, all in their original packaging including Days Gone By, Tramways Classic,  a Hohner 4 octave mouth organ and ‘The Bandmaster’ harmonica, a police helmet and riot helmet. Cameras including a Rolleiflex SL35E and a Sigma mark 1 including lenses. Old luggage. A model Stephenson rocket.  Pink and green jade animals and Buddha, a Royal Doulton ‘Westwood’ coffee set, 4 model cannon, a stuffed owl, an old cigar display cabinet, a pair of Bristol blue lustres, cast iron wall plaques, a Helios Sky Scan 2001 telescope and tripod.

CLOCKS include a Victorian skeleton clock striking on a bell, a four glass mantel clock with mercury pendulum, wall clocks, and an unusual 1930s corner long-case with three train movement.  We have good boxes, one in antimony with bamboo decoration. BOOKS includes Australian Chivalry, a collection of war paintings 1945.

Oriental and other CARPETSFURS and HANDBAGS and other clothes including an antique dress.

FURNITURE includes a fantastic reproduction draw-leaf dining table to seat at least 10 of good colour on bulbous carved supports, chair sets, a large and unusual oak hall stand, a massive oak hall seat and a Georgian 5 panelled-back oak bench on cabriole legs, an early inlaid charming Pembroke table, a brass and iron bedstead, a fabulous Victorian church oak triple wardrobe with good brass-work, a French circular folding dining table, an Indian hardwood dining table, a  pair of leather wing-back arm chairs, 6 George lll dining chairs, a fabulous suite of lounge furniture in green including Knoll style settees, decorative chairs including papier mache, pianos, occasional furniture including oak.

GENERAL EFFECTS includes a dish washer and nearly new washing machine, a motor mower, battery booster pack, garden shredder, bikes, garden pots, hi-fi and a modern flat screen television, air conditioning units, AND A THREE WHEEL INVALID CARRIAGE with pull-push handles for motivation and for restoration, etc, etc.

NO ALCOHOL IN THIS SALE.  We are saving it for December 4th sale.

Lots of photographs are on the blog beneath this notice and being added all the time.

Title: 7th AUGUST 2014 Sale Information

Date Posted: Friday, July 25th, 2014

We do get the stangest ‘phone calls, but always following the sale where the rare wanted item has been sold.  So, this time, if you are out there and looking for two car doors from a 1970s classic Mercedes saloon, or a chrome grill, or a bonnet, or a new tyre or the fitments to add a Clarion hifi and television, we have them and they are for sale ON THE 7th AUGUST……. So please dont ‘phone on the 8th!


Yep, sale time has arrived again and we have worked hard to get the lots together, as usual.  It’s a smaller sale but all sections are represented.

PICTURES include works by or attributed to L.S. Lowry, (signed print), Salvador Dali, (Signed print ‘Soft Telephone’), Henry Cooper, Charles Richardson, Julio Jorge Lesser, Feliks Topolski, R. Witchard, Antony Bullimore, Graham Clarke, Gordon Allen, etc.

JEWELLERY AND ART OBJECTS including coins, fountain pens, post and cigarette cards, compacts, masonic regalia, stamps, first day covers, and costume jewellery , a collection of silver vestas and penknives, and a 1898 KRUGERAND.

SILVER including a lovely group of six Stuart Devlin surprise eggs each on a pierced coronet stand, a large dressing mirror, a dressing case with silver and enamelled fitments, a large Victorian embossed urn, small and boxed items, etc.


FASHION includes a wonderful yellow and red polka dot dress by Lacroix on the Jeans label and just your size!  Also a fantastic collection of new boxed tights, including fishnet, and from a retired competition dancer, a wild collection of sequinned dresses, including a bolt of silver sequinned fabric.  Otherwise we have an extensive collection of shoes and handbags and some cracking furs.  Also military uniform.

TOYS include Anso 1:18 scale model cars, old Hornby Dublo train set, not quite up to the standard of the fantastic lot in the last sale, and similarly Dinky including An Armstrong Whitworth Airliner, the MG record car, and an old tank.

We cleared a lovely property in Pinner containing some effects originally from the estate of Grace Wyndham Goldie, and we include books of hers including first editions and a collection of newspapers, one for every day of The Falkland crisis.

PORCELAIN AND POTTERY include one man’s collection of over 400 Minton pieces from all dates.  Otherwise we have dinner services including Worcester ‘June Garden’, Chinastyle ‘Regency’ , Worcester Pallicey, Royal Grafton Malvern, Poole, Noritake ‘Richmond’, green leaf plates, Rockingham.

In SHELF ITEMS we have good boxes including a tortoiseshell tea caddy and another decorated with straw work.  Old swords, one Japanese, bayonets, an old air pistol, a Penn Senator fishing reel 4/0.  An unused trombone and case. Doulton and Goebel figures, a pair of old fancy Argentinian spurs, miniature furniture, old bibles and photograph album, an old fowling gun, two flintlock pistols, old dolls and a teddy.  Old fans. Three 19th century fusee wall clocks, one with convex glass. We have a very large model of The Taj Mahal in a perspex cabinet, a full size steel repro street lamp by Windsor of Herts, unused, a large inflatable boat with outboard motor.

Good WINES including Baron de Philippe de Rothschild 1973 Pauillac, 1990 Margauk, Mouton Cadet 1985, , a 3.78 litre bottle of Martell brandy and a Wade decanter of Famous Old Grouse Whisky, a magnum bottle of 1968 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1969 Sartori Amarone, 1966 Chat. Pavie, 1985 Chat.Haut Batailley, 1974 Chat. Poujeaux brandys including Courvoisier, Champagnes including Raymond Sacret 1947, bottle of Gg VI Coronation port 1937, and Croft 1970.

FURNITURE is a busy section this sale.  Is Victorian and earlier brown and ebonised furniture back in fashion?  I do hope so­ – we have a lot of it! Please don’t take your holidays yet!  Also included is a fantastic corner seating unit from Roche Bobois. It’s in wonderful cream leather and must have cost £10,000+, it comes with matching coffee tables.  From the same property we have a fantastic four-­piece suite with painted frame and satin upholstery.  There are endless chests of drawers, chair sets, two Swedish maple wardrobes and a Swedish small cupboard. From the old Southall Concervative club, (and that’s a strange oasis to find yourself in!) five very long Victorian benches, one 10ft I guess, an extending rosewood dining table, a 50s stylish walnut dressing table, by Morris of Glasgow, an Edwardian revolving book rack and bookcases by Globe Wernicke, Victorian walnut tables on pedestals, a pretty chiffonier, a good bergere suite, a pair of modern horseshoe settees, an oak 18th century three drawer dresser, a brass-bound naval chest, a pokerwork corner chair, various Royal Dutch wall units in teak, old bound trunks and boxes, a Maples suite in lacquered birch, very stylish, and a 1950s semi-circular bar.

GENERAL EFFECTS include wire-work garden chairs and the usual white goods and televisions.

Calling Martin……….we have a piano for you and thank goodness you will be back for the sale!  (For those of you who dont know Martin, he has sold our catalogues for 25 years and serenades us on any piano. He’s been ill, but is back for this sale).


Who needs the Westfield centre when you’ve got Bainbridges ?!


Title: 3rd JULY 2014 Sale Information

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Dear Friend,

Our June sale was spectacular. Thank you for attending.  Sadly we can’t replicate it this month but we do have an auction on the 3rd July starting at 11am as usual. You can view it on Wednesday the 2nd from 1-7pm and on sale day from 9.30am.  It does include a low mileage MG  5-door hatchback, offered without reserve and with an estimate of £300-£400. The MOT has just run out but it is taxed to December. I’ll have it washed for you!
**Plenty of photographs are on the blog. Just scroll down below this notice. We are adding them all the time.

One of our main instructions this month involves a home library of approximately 30 thousand volumes.  The owner, a deceased professor, was a writer on political thought.  His first book was written  with Richard Crossman.  He was an expert on Alex de Tocqueville and we have many original documents of his.  It’s a monumental task and we have until December to complete it. I had better get on!

PICTURES include good portraits of members of the Caulfeild family, incl. of William Caulfeild, 1st Viscount Charlemont (d. 1671), said to be by Sir Peter Lely, and of Jessie Aspasia Campbell of Barbrech, née Caulfeild, c.1815, said to be by George Henry Harlow, and of later members of the family by Laurence Koe (1909) and J.L. Miles (1853); also works by or attributed to Henry Moore, Kaiko Moti, E.W. Powell, Peter John Garrard, Hans Heysen, Jean Gardner, Tano de Simone, Peter Coombs, J. Smeeton, Henry Martin, A. Ramus, Grisot, Laine Porter, etc.

SILVER AND PLATE includes a Christening set by Omar Ramsden along with the usual decorative vases, cutlery, tea sets, 3 pairs of silver candlesticks, 2 salvers, etc. You might be interested in the History of English plate c j jackson  and Catalogue of Silversmiths’ Work by Burlington Fine Arts Club 1901 and The Gold and Silver of Windsor Castle (128 of 285) by E Alfred Jones 1911.  These are among the other BOOKS AND MAGAZINES including Rosa Bonheur by Anna Klumpke, signed.

COLLECTABLES include 4 boxed Pelham puppets and others, loose, fabulous boxed Dinky and Matchbox toys – many in mint condition including Fruehauf Hopper Train, Penelope’s Fab 1, Racing car transporter M6, Porsche Carrera 6, 268 The Green Hornet, 267 Batmobile, 982 Pullmore car Transporter and more. Also tinplate toys, including Minic and Hornby train sets, boxed. We have stamps, including a volume dedicated to China, postcards in the thousands,  a large number of old stereo cards including military cards, an interesting group of letters from Marty Horstman, agent, Harold Fielding record producer,  George Martin etc., mainly involving David Griffith a singer. We have a wonderful old circular glass Woodbine cigarette sign with hanging bars, and other old enamelled signs including Craven A cigarette. We have an old telephone switchboard and old radios including an Akkord portable in a faux crockodile case.  A Baden Powell memorial in a shell-mounted heart shaped case. Coins and medals. Football programmes including a mint 1966 cup final programme. Old split cane fishing rod and landing hook and a gun cleaning rod. We have interesting bayonettes and swords incl an old naval dress sword and a sabre.

SHELF ITEMS  are as numerous as ever . The best items are a group of overlaid glass by Galle, Daum and Legras – they are not fakes.  We also have Lalique.  We have a group of Victorian overlaid glass and endless tea and dinner services including Royal Albert ‘Paisley Shawl’, a Noritake dinner service, Minton ‘Bellemeade’, Royal Albert  ‘Old Country Roses’  tea set , Paragon ‘Athena’ tea wares, Minton ‘Bellmeade’ dinner service, Stylecraft with red dot design and Susie Cooper , decorative tea/coffee sets by Poole, Prinknash, and Doulton, an extensive collection of Quimper pottery, Rosenthal urn signed A Wunderlich, a Tudric pewter tea service and condiment set, extensive glass, a fine gilt metal table lamp. GOOD BOXES and a large collection of mother of pearl counters.

JEWELLERY  includes a 7 stone diamond pin with large stones, a large old emerald and diamond ring, a gold 3 diamond cocktail ring with large stones and a similar 18ct gold wristwatch. There is a gold charm bracelet and other items along with a considerable quantity of costume jewellery. Watches. Miniature paintings. Carved ivory. Tortoiseshell hair combs. A collection of fans, a collection of inro, Chinese snuff bottles, a koro and cover.

COSTUME  includes shoes by Prada, Dune, sequinned dresses, tweed suits, linen, a folding opera hat, fur coats, a decorative wig. Also linens.


FURNITURE  includes an art deco standard lamp with fluted column interspaced with a mirrored shelf, a carved gilt wood French corner chair, 2 roll-top desks, glazed dealer’s  table-top display cabinet, Gg ll small tea table with lappet moulded legs, Arts and Crafts oak hall stand, Gg lll barrel-back arm chair on turned legs, 1960s wall cupboard system, Globe Wernicke bookcase, oak draw leaf table and barley twist chairs, modern 3 piece suite, carved desk, carved oak hall settle and modern dining room and bedroom furniture.

CLOCKS includes single-weight wall clock and a drop dial, clock sets, one huge set with enamelled decoration, a Victorian marble mantel clock and an 18th century 8-day longcase with pagoda top the painted dial with portraits of Burns, Ramsay and Ferguson by Jas Park of Kilmalcom.

And always much more……….