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Title: 21st APRIL 2016 Sale Information

Date Posted: Friday, April 15th, 2016

Dear friends,

Well, the bride looked a picture, the wedding went perfectly, we danced the night away and Will and Sophie are now back at work.
It does mean that my attention has been somewhat off the ball, partly explaining the delay in sending this missive, however we do have a sale approaching on next Thursday the 21st April starting at 11am with viewing the day before between 1-7pm, and it has an alcohol licence.

It’s certainly smaller than the last sale which had one or two surprises including £42,000 for a pair of very damaged Chinese Tulipieres offered with a very modest estimate, and a lot of cigars which were rejected as fakes.  I’m still learning!

Remember our catalogue on-line includes a photograph of every lot and you can bid on-line via but you do need to register first

So what’s on offer on the 21st?  Certainly it’s a first in that we have some silver by Paul Storr- see SILVER.  We have accepted a great collection of Doulton stoneware pots due to a property move and we cleared two store rooms of 200 boxes that the family no longer wished to pay storage for.  They are full of tea ware, Victorian and later along with lots of Victorian and later coloured glass.  The shelves plus extra shelves are full and we only opened 50% of the boxes. There is every conceivable make of tea ware represented, mainly English. The sale includes a number of other property clearances.  A clearance from a property in W14 has provided a Charles I oak press cupboard, a good 18th century bureau and a chest on stand.  (Coming from there for the May sale are two harpsichords by William Dowd and some great books including three volumes of Royal Residences by Pyne 1819.)

PICTURES in this sale include a good original pair of prints in maple frames drawn by I Shaw of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway showing the classes of travel, a large 19th century portrait of Mr Swait in a gilt frame – he of Swaits Estate Agents of Ealing, now sadly no more.  Good frames are always useful and we have a very good early 18th century example in carved giltwood currently framing a period oil on panel of a hurdy-gurdy player, 14 x 11 ins. Other artists include William Fowler,  Linda Kinsella, C.G. Johnson, W. Parrot, Howard G. Stormont, Fleur Cowles, J. Greenwell, Archibald Thorburn signed prints, Warwick Higgs, Edward K. Redmore, Kit Lewis, George Harris, Anthony Rickards, G. M. Avondale, Winton Aldridge, John Worsdale, Caryl J. Mann, Minnie Wills, Ralph Herring, J. Giordano, Cherryl Angela Fountain, Terence Cuneo, Justin Tew, Riccione, Bob Richardson, Louis Whirter and Sydney Foley etc.

We have a good selection of SILVER having cleared a deposit box from London solicitors which included the remnants of a service by Paul Storr.  All that remains are two meat skewers and a substantial mustard pot and two spoons but, hey, who’s complaining!  Otherwise there is a fine later decorated Queen Anne tankard, a set of three early George ll butter shells of good weight London 1733, other Georgian silver including salvers and sauce boats, a good set of cased berry spoons, tea sets, candlesticks and the usual charming small items including a fine silver cigarette case and the biggest cigarette/cigar box I’ve handled. There’s a Norwegian 830 table service of ornate design and a Dutch life-size cock with a limp amongst the 80 plus lots!  Don’t miss it.  There is lots of silver plate.

JEWELLERY is represented in approximately 30 lots and includes diamond and gemstone rings, gold and other wrist watches and a lovely Victorian moonstone necklace, and art objects with old carved ivories.

The COLLECTOR shelves are full and include some spectacular stamp collections, one includes a number of Stanley Gibbons albums carefully mounted with Queen Elizabeth mint stamps with a face value of between £3 and £6 a page.  Another vendor has an album of Nazi postal history.  There are penny blacks and good early UK stamps.  Two envelopes are salvaged from the wreck of the SS Empress of Ireland,  we have two early stick telephones, football programmes and tickets, autographs, photographs, postcards, very early copies of The Radio Times, old stereoscopic cards and viewer,  etc.

The SHELVES include a fascinating collection of old Chinese embroidery, including costume elements and possibly book covers.  On the Chinese front we also have a well-executed scroll painting of large size of two confronting dragons and we have a large collection of Chinese art reference books.  In PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS we have a very lovely Royal Lancastrian vase in lustre decorated with fish by William S Mycock, 8.1 ins, that looks good next to the Fairyland lustre Candlemas Malfrey  jar and cover of similar size by Wedgwood.  The collection of Doulton stoneware includes pieces by George Tinworth and Florence Barlow.  They share the shelves with a Royal Crown Derby tea service in Vine Cobalt pattern, a group of figures by Hummel and Doulton, a Tudric pewter tobacco pot and lid by Archibald Knox, a modern large and fine cloisonné pot, two Hermes scarves, a probably late 19th century Chinese picture book, a sealed box of Cuban cigars by Romeo and Julieta, a Clarice Cliff coffee service in Sunrise pattern, clocks and barometers.   We have an interesting collection of weapons that include a Japanese yari spear the shaft inlaid with mother of pearl, a very impressive Balkan 19th century musket mounted in white metal, a French bayonet, two assegai and another similar spear,  a native bow and two quivers of arrows and an early percussion shotgun and a WWI trench periscope by James W Lees and Co, Manchester, with leather-covered shaft.

WINES including good clarets including Chateau Margaux 1981, Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1967 with Olympic themed label designed by Cesar, two bottles of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1977, each with a label commemorating a visit by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, a  bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1968, a bottle of Chateau Latour 1970,  Chateau Gruaud-Larose 1974, Chateaux Rausan-Segla 1967, Nenin 1970, two bottles, Lapelletrie 1979, Ducru-Beaucaillou 1973, and De la Riviere 1979, also four bottles of vintage port: Croft 1966, 1963, and two Taylors 1975, a bottle of D’Olieveiras Madeira 1968, a bottle of Dom Perignon 1993 and a 6 litre bottle of Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Champagne along with numerous other chateau bottles and table wines and spirits.

COSTUME includes racks of clothes including good furs, an embroidered Chinese Qing dynasty cloud collar and a particularly fine modern bead-work jacket .   BOOKS AND RECORDS.  A silk ORIENTAL CARPET and other carpets.

FURNITURE is thin on the ground with only 80 lots enabling an ease of access rarely experienced.  It includes a fabulous 1960s rosewood sideboard and dining table designed by Robert Heritage for Archie Shine and a Heals 2-seater settee and chair in teak by Arne Vodder for Cado Sofa.  Antiques include a Charles I press in oak, a good George lll mahogany bureau between quarter columns, a Victorian whatnot, a Victorian bed frame, a set of 6 Victorian balloon back chairs, a large pair of wing-back chairs on carved cabriole legs, a mahogany desk.

GENERAL EFFECTS include a very fast electric buggy (£150-£250) garden ornaments, tools, lighting, modern pine, etc.

We look forward to meeting you once again.

Check out the website for photographs of every lot at

Title: 17th MARCH 2016 Sale Information

Date Posted: Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,


Just as I was about to publish this post I have taken in 9 items of fabulous ‘Imperial’ Chinese kingfisher jewellery looted from the Imperial City by the grandfather of the vendor who was an officer in the 17th Bengal Lancers and present on the 15th-16th August 1900 at the fall of the City.  He bought them from his servant who had found them near the ‘Coal Hill’ in Pekin .


Three things please before I start.  One is to tell you that our manager, William marries the wonderful Sophie on Easter Saturday.  Please offer him any advise you feel he needs!  Two is that I need small jam jars with lids for a local lady who makes jam she sells for Macmillan Nurses – not coffee jars though.  If you can help please drop them into the saleroom (she’s raised £7000 so far!)   The last thing is to remind you that we use UKAuctioneers for live bidding and we need more of you to register with this growing company.  They now represent 100 auction rooms and only cost £3.95 to register or 3% of any purchase price, whichever you choose.


I’m pleased to report that the important 1560 Geneva Bible in the last sale sold to an American client, bidding on line, for £10,400 including premium.


One swallow might not make a summer but one clearance can make a sale, especially when it brings us a Tudric pewter clock designed by Archibald Knox with an enamelled dial and organic case of winter trees.


Every auction comprises many vendors and all their lots are welcome. But once in a while you get the call that raises the spirits.  This call was in Pinner and a wonderful home of inherited goods that current children have no interest in.  I love those sort of children!  Nothing was worth a fortune but everything was charming, interesting and in good condition including Worcester and Sevres porcelain, old ivory, silver, a Black Forest bear biscuit pot, clocks, tortoiseshell and a quilted bed cover that was in the Great Exhibition along with paintings by Alfred Armitage, a family member, with his fabulous mahogany brass bound artist’s box.  ‘It’s all got to go Mr Bainbridge’.  I love those words.


This sale is on Thursday 17th March at 11am vith viewing from 1-7 pm on the 16th and from 9.30am on sale day.  Our catalogue is on our website from Sunday the 13th.


 Similarly, a house in Crouch End was the home of a busy collector with every surface covered including over 100 Goebel figures and a home in Moor Park revealed an old train set, huge hifi speakers, a model Alpine house in its own box dated 1807 and a Georgian wing back arm chair.


PICTURES  –  about 100 lots – completely fill the walls and include works by or attributed to Jan Beekhout, Peter Dunn, Sydney Arrobus, Frank Belcher, F.G. Waldmueller, Susan Demerest, André  Dunoyer de  Segonzac, W.E. Willard, A. Huerst Gregory, Alfred Armitage, W. Dendy Sadler, H.A. Freeth, Ralph Shaw, A. Hartog, L. Burleigh Bruhl, Alexander Molyneux Stannard, Bob Nicolson, R. Herring, J. Bovier, A. de Kriel, Howard G. Stormont, John Pedder, George Fripp, R.A. Wymer, C. L’Anson, N.H. Christians, Josef Neuberg, Lewis Creighton, etc.


SILVER & PLATE is well represented and includes  a cased set of silver and mother of pearl fruit knives, bowls, cutlery etc and JEWELLERY includes the usual display of wonderful precious metals and stones.


The SHELVES are full and we have resorted to extra tables to cope with the amount of PORCELAIN, POTTERY & GLASS including Goebel figures, dinner services including gold ‘Florentine’ W4219 by Wedgwood, including 2 tureens, coffee and tea set, a fabulous collection of 32 cricketing plates, 16 by Coalport and 9 by Royal Grafton, all commemorating county cricket, including the History of the Ashes by Royal Doulton, plate 844/7500, a model cricketer from the Leonardo collection, 2 Staffordshire style cricketing figures, Royal Doulton’s character jug of W.G. Grace, D7032 modelled by Stanley James Taylor 1995, along with commemorative wine cups and a glass tankard, an extensive collection of bells, some in miniature, mainly glass and porcelain, one by Belleek, a tea service by Royal Albert, ‘Old Country Roses’, a Paragon ‘Pandora’ pattern tea service, good glass including coloured and other decanters, coloured and modern glass vases and bowls, scent bottles, table wares in sets and part sets, a second set of porcelain bells with its own display shelves, including a Belleek 3rd edition Christmas bell, model birds including a Staffordshire wren by J.T. Jones, a Beswick chaffinch and robin, and a Goebels blue tit, 1960s Denby dinner wares in brown with stylised flower decoration, an early 20th century Mintons dinner and part tea service, 7 unusual tall cylindrical coffee cups by Schmid-50 Porcelain, a glass model of Santa Maria in a glass bottle, a charming four-storey doll’s house, an extensive collection of Taiwanese wooden doll’s house furniture, with fine detail, miniature doll’s house china, a group of stylish early 20th century pottery including a tall red vase with chinoiserie decoration by Shelley, colourful pieces by Arthur Wood, Greys, Susie Cooper, Crown Devon, and Sylvac, Aynsley flower pots, vase and cover, an extensive Noritake dinner and tea service, ‘Boliski’ pattern, a collection of 23 Bossons, figures by Royal  Doulton including ‘Autumn Breezes’, HN 1939, and ‘Belle o’the Ball’, HN 1997 (1946?), Coalport, Lladro, Midwinter tea wares, Wedgwood Corn Poppy dinner and tea wares, Susie Cooper design, collectable teapots, Wedgwood Jasperware, 7 Franklin porcelain large plates, Songbirds of the World, Doulton character jugs, an owl collection, a Shelley red polka dot coffee set, Whitefriars drunken bricklayer vase and a TV vase, both in green, a large Poole vase, a selection of Worcester porcelain including a pair of figures of musicians, 13 ins., good cabinet cups and saucers by Sevres, a pair of antique enamelled candlesticks, 9 ins., sadly with damage, a Newlyn copper jug worked with penguins, a Crown Devon cylindrical jug by Lucie Rie, oriental ceramics including a very large Satsuma vase (and its smashed pair), a collection of glass paperweights, Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, charming Spode coffee cans in silver holders, a Grimwades  1911 George V and Queen Mary marriage cup.


COLLECTABLES include old ivory chess sets, a large patchwork quilt combining pretty brightly coloured fabrics in the traditional hexagon design, exhibited at the Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1851, worked by the Misses Bird of Upton-on-Severn, old decorative parasols, old corkscrews, good early ivory carved figures, an old train set, huge hifi speakers, a model Alpine house in its own box  dated 1807, an early 5 section inro worked with a dragon, along with  its netsuke and ojime modelled as a fat beaver, a small ivory  box, the lid worked with a carved scene, ‘Toujours la même’, in gilt-metal mount, an ivory patch box , miniature ivory box containing mother of pearl discs, the lid painted with a trompe l’oeil of playing cards, tortoiseshell trowel bookmark, a carved elephant carrying musicians, a carved ivory Samurai on horseback , a tortoiseshell tea caddy, a wonderful  19th century French bronze casket worked with hunting scenes, a boar, deer and dogs, the lid mounted with a hound, stamped T&E Paris, a 19th century Black Forest carved bear with hinged head, cold-painted bronze birds, old fountain pens, a large 18th century Chinese porcelain mug with ribbon handle, a large early 20th century Derby vase, Victorian gilt-metal and porcelain clocks, one with cherub surmount, another  with a pair of candelabra, a Victorian skeleton clock under a glass dome, good boxes including an exceptional sadeli work example with original sewing paraphernalia, fitted with original mirror, the base drawer fitted for writing, on claw feet, an exceptional 19th century Continental walnut marquetry jewel box, a Victorian letter box, writing slopes, artists’ boxes including the 19th century mahogany artist’s box, the property of Alfred Armitage, a death notice saying “the well-known Yorkshire artist who was born at Clayton, Bradford, who died Lampton Road, Heston, Middx. Mr Armitage was for many years in the employ of Messrs Raphael Tuck & Sons”, 1931, complete with watercolours, original mixing bowls, ink pot, etc., and including a portrait photograph, a fine Victorian musical box playing 8 airs with 3 visible bells, the walnut case with floral inlay, in working order, a bariograph, ornate brass table lamps, old metalware, including Turkish coffee pots, worked trays, cow bells, bayonets, Havana cigars, an old telephone, model ship and much more.


COSTUME and VINTAGE include good furs, Savile Row suits and a wonderful large 19th century Paisley shawl.


FURNITURE includes a good 1970s rosewood sideboard and dining table, an unusual set of 8 reproduction Regency style mahogany dining chairs carved with swan heads, a 19th century rosewood games table on quatrefoil base, a set of Victorian mirrored bijouterie shelves, an early examination couch, the base with drawers, modern plate glass display shelves and tables, an Edwardian inlaid display cabinet with leaded glass doors, a Victorian oak snooker-cum-dining table, leather settees, an electric adjustable chair, as new, a wind-up gramophone, two 19th century longcase clocks, a 19th century mahogany chest on chest with slide, a large banjo shaped barometer with ivory knop and urn finial, a 19th century mahogany boot rack, an ebonised pier cabinet, an impressive carved oak settle, an Edwardian display cabinet on square tapering legs, a Continental lady’s bureau, a Georgian wing back arm chair, a Victorian metal stick stand, pedestal tables, coffers, chests of drawers, chair sets, and a modern Lloyd Loom style conservatory suite, etc.


GENERAL EFFECTS include 4 or 5 lawn mowers one for the bowling green with kick start, a Bosch washing machine and other white goods, garden pots, two electric single beds, patio sets, a modern bicycle, tools, old suitcases, hifi, lots of TV’s…….it’s endless.

Title: 10th DECEMBER 2015 Sale Information

Date Posted: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Dear Friends,

This is our last sale of the year so it would be good to see you all so that at least we can wish you a happy Christmas! It’s also full of booze!

It’s on the 10th December at 11am with viewing on the 9th from 1 to 7 pm and from 9.30 am on sale day.

I’m currently looking at a first edition 1560 copy of the Geneva Bible, rebound in the 17th century when the Psalms were added in 1634. It seems to be in good condition although we still need to inspect every page. I’ll do that when we get the confirmed instruction. It carries a £7000-£10,000 estimate. It’s terribly important and I ask you to read about it on Wikipedia to appreciate how rare it is.

The removal men are about to return from what was once the London home of Mandy Rice-Davies. The mews house was restored in the 70s by an opera enthusiast, who lectured on the subject, we have all his records, programmes and scores. All the furniture was from Heals and includes a stylish rosewood dining suite with eight chairs, pedestal chairs and two stylish settees. From a property a little further north, and with a balcony overlooking Lord’s cricket ground, we have more stylish furniture along with glamorous clothes and Ferragamo shoes.

A flat by Harrow School has given us a wonderful oil painting – a scene of Rebecca at the well from the circle of Antonio Balestra. Also from that home is a watercolour by Luigi Bazzani. Otherwise the PICTURES section has works by artists including Ishbel McWhirter, Dan Rubinstein, Giulio Farnese, Salliann Putman, Aase Lykkeberg, F.E. Jamieson, Joseph van Dieghem, Derek Farman, R. Dudley, Bill Waugh, Denis Pannett, Clement Cowles, Hans-Peter Zimmer, Ashton Cannell, Ken King, John Trickett, Michial Mikora, C.W. Oswald, Graeme W. Baxter, Josep Maria Subirachs, Anthony Green, and Teresa Narduzzo. Also in the sale is a group of family silhouettes including by Augustin Edouart.

SILVER AND PLATE includes a good pair of 19th century large silver gilt conch shell dishes, candlesticks, and about 12 shelves of silver plate. JEWELLERY has a very large amount of costume jewellery from a retired manufacturer who sold to Laura Ashley and Fenwicks. They are all nickel-free using hardstones and are good for today’s fashion. Real jewellery includes a heavy platinum diamond eternity ring and a sapphire bracelet, a diamond line bracelet, etc.

Shelf items include a good collection of PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS with old glass including a 19th century rummer engraved with a horse, a group of English blue and white Delft and continental faience, smart dinner services including a Royal Doulton ‘Babylon’ service with 2 tureens, a good pair of Chinese 19th century blue and white pots with lids,  a most unusual pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of hairdressers, signed Martin ware, Troika, oyster plates. We also have a Rolleiflex camera and lots of other cameras, bronzes, a carved wood reclining deity, a stylish Old Hall chrome plated tea service, old brass and copper, lots of boxes including an old travelling chess set, old scales, fishing equipment, an oil lamp, war axes, a carved Maori paddle shaped club, etc. etc. I can see 15 CLOCKS on the shelves including three in fancy gilt metal, a 19th century rosewood portico clock, a clock in a tortoiseshell case, two carriage clocks, etc. We have a three bottle tantalus with glasses box attached, presented as a first prize in 1898, a Japanese sword, decorative boxes and a charming bronze naked child on a snail which is a fountain, 28″ high.  

The WINES AND SPIRITS section is extensive and includes a 1986 300cl bottle of Chateau Potensac, 1981 Rothschild Pauillac, a 1959 Chateau Cantenac Brown Margaux, a ’71 Chateau Latour, a ’77 Chateau Talbot, a part case of Chateau Latour a Pomerol 1979, 1 x 6000 ml and 1 x 3000 ml bottles of Veuve Clicquot, a bottle of Moet champagne in original box, and three bottles of Dom Perignon ’62, ’93, and ’95.  There are dozens more wines still to be unpacked along with good whisky including Glenfiddich 1993 Foundation Reserve,  two numbered bottles of Bushmills single malt Irish whisky in an entry of 14 single malts from one vendor alone.  Ports and brandy are well represented, the nearest one to me being a 1963 bottled in 1965 by J.W. Burmester Ltd in the same lot as a 1972 Fonseca.  Worth a visit I think!

Upstairs, the shelves are full of BOOKS, RECORDS, and an extensive collection of MODEL RAILWAY ITEMS including one man’s collection of engines including O-gauge Weaver Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 5 car passenger set (cost £300), Denver Rio Grande loco and tender (cost £700),  RR Elsa LGB powered (cost £500), Williams Electric Union Pacific Big Boy train (cost £1000) and many, many more including Tri-ang, Airfix, Fleischman, lots of EFE, models, Hornby, Lima,  etc.  Other COLLECTABLES include a vast quantity of football programmes, opera programmes and scores, a bag of The Schoolgirl comic, 1930s, old postcards and cigarette cards, an original Rolling Stones European Tour 1982 poster, two car mascots, and lots of fountain pens. 

COSTUME includes a fine mink coat and other minks and furs, glamorous clothes and Ferragamo shoes and other quality accessories, and hunt dress coats including one from the Quorn hunt, a ceremonial tail coat, and a ceremonial cloak emblazoned with the Great Priory crest worked in gold thread.

We have a lot of ORIENTAL RUGS

FURNITURE includes settees and pedestal chairs from Heals bought in the 70s along with a rosewood dining suite, a set of 8 leather dining chairs by Pieff, a slate and steel dining table and a period sofa table edged in exotic hardwood. We also have an extended set of 10 reproduction mahogany dining chairs, each with arms.

GENERAL EFFECTS include garden pots, some planted up, garden furniture, tools and lots of Bang and Olufsen hifis, etc.

Our catalogue is on our website from Sunday and each lot carries a picture.

Register with and you can bid online from the comfort of your home.

See you on the 10th and Happy Christmas!