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Title: 2nd JULY 2015 Sale Information

Date Posted: Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Dear Friend,

Do you need a runabout?  See the last line Images of some of the items can be seen further down the Blog below this text.

Our sale is Thursday 2nd July at 11am, with viewing Wednesday 1st July 1-7pm and 9.30-10.45am on sale day.

Online bidding is available for many lots in the sale at

We’ve done it again!! I am pleased to report that, after a year of research, we have discovered an otherwise unknown drawing by Thomas Gainsborough, with an impeccable provenance from the artist to the present owner.  Initially recognised by an elderly Courtauld student and friend of the saleroom, it was ultimately acknowledged by Dr Lyndsay Stainton, who was for many years a curator at the British Museum.  Both experts were very excited to see it.  It is a late work of a type known as a presentation drawing, measuring 22.5 x 32.2 cms; the large original oil painting, “Gypsy Encampment, Sunset”, is on view in the Tate.  A photograph of the drawing is currently on our blog.  The estimate is £20,000-£30,000.

We are pleased to have been invited by the film producer Philip Saville to take away certain things from his home.  These include a Siglo humidor with Cohiba and other cigars and a fine Art Deco ceiling light by Schneider.

We have about 60 lots of PAINTINGS, drawings and prints.  Names include Thomas Gainsborough, David Gentleman, Mary Weatherill, Akos Zsoter, H. Earp, Paul Nietsche, H. A. Ruderman, William Henry Harriott, F. Furet, John Albert Seaford, George Chambers, G.P. Scott, F. Russell Flint, Leonard Baskin, Elizabeth Brunnet, Laurence Rode, Gabrielle Bellocq, Victor Brauner, Robert Morden, etc.  We have a selection of MIRRORS. (The May sale included some good picture results with a group of 4 small watercolours by George Weatherill raising £6400.)

JEWELLERY and ART OBJECTS is a delightful section including 18th and 19th century pieces, among them some charming period diamond items with good rings and pendants and a wonderful gold tiepin of a hand holding a diamond.  We also have 18ct and 9ct gold watches and modern watches.  We have a family group of portrait miniatures one of a nobleman, probably by Nicholas Dixon, circa 1670, and a pair in tortoiseshell and brass frames.

The SHELVES are full to bursting with PORCELAIN POTTERY AND GLASS and an influx of hundreds of Lilliputt Lane and similar model houses has required extra shelving!  Other items include a large fine 18th century faience plate painted with flowers, a large 18th century Dutch plate with Peacock design decoration, and a Jiaqing bowl painted with calligraphy , mountains and figures, 10 modern bronze figures, a Simon and Halbig 1898 large porcelain doll with original clothing, an old Chinese doll, a large Vienna painted plate titled “Leonidas”, a signed Lalique fruit bowl with iris, 9 Doulton flambe figures, bronze figures of archaic design, Crown Derby, Haviland Limoges, Clarice Cliff, endless figures including a 12 piece Beswick pig band, Doulton puppies, Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures, Beswick penguins, one with a sunshade, a Carlton Ware coffee service of Japanese design, cranberry glass, lots of cut glass, a collection of Toby jugs, Royal Doulton “Gold Concord” dinner wares, an extensive collection of thimbles, a group of green and black glazed Poole animal figures, Johnson Bros fish plates, carnival glass, and much, much more including two stick telephones.

CLOCKS include a four glass mantel clock with mercury pendulum, an ormolu French mantel clock, a marble clock, a French wall clock and others, three tantaluses, one with games and smoking compartments and possibly one of the finest game compendiums in a burrwood box with brass strap work set with tiger’s eye hardstones containing Bezique, chess with ivory pieces, original playing cards and a backgammon board.

COLLECTABLES include an extensive collection of model railway, bayonettes, a Chinese sword, a kukri with ivory handle, old carved ivory, medals from Cpl S J Burvill, Durm L.I. including the India medal with Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 bar, other medals, ephemera including an important archive of First World War photographs taken from an air balloon by Mr AAA Simon of the French Air Force and two albums of photographs taken by Mr Simon to record his journey to and from China to set up a film laboratory in Peking for Pathe News circa 1921, for whom he worked for 50 years partly as a war correspondent, also included are a war diary and his demobilisation papers, an album illustrating film making for Pathe Pictorial in London and South Africa pre 1914.  Also a 1937 clothbound programme of “The Coronation of George VI”, old postcards, stamp albums, 1974/5 programmes for Wimbledon Football Club, a 1791 clothbound map of Northamptonshire by Thos Milne, other old maps, a good old cigarette card album, an extensive collection of first day covers, copies of the “Sunday Graphic” and “Daily Graphic” circa 1953, Masonic jewels and regalia, a fine boxed set of 52 solid silver medals each representing a British regiment accompanied by 52 badges in a brass-bound box, old photographs, a huge well-presented collection of UK coinage including much silver, also mint bronze.

SILVER AND PLATE is a smaller section than last sale but will still have 30-50 lots.

VINTAGE COSTUME and fashion is extensive with good handbags, including Mulberry, a vintage pair of leather riding boots, and designer names including two Jenny Packham evening dresses and an evening skirt with top, a brown lamb leather jacket and a Digiscope jacket.

BOOKS includes a large collection of Folio Society volumes.

ORIENTAL RUGS is a small section but includes a fine 19th century large Heriz silk rug from North-West Persia, circa 1870.

FURNITURE is a small section but with something for everybody!

And we have, among our GENERAL EFFECTS, two Renault Scenic people carriers from a deceased estate, a tooled leather Western saddle, a professional croquet set, a double width stainless steel cooker, a 50 ins and other tvs, B&O hifi, bunk beds, white goods and an electric invalids chair.   We cater for everybody.

Title: 23rd APRIL Sale Information

Date Posted: Monday, April 13th, 2015

Dear Friend,

Our next sale approaches ­ Thursday the 23rd April, at 11am as usual. Viewing is from 1­7pm on the 22nd and from on sale day. It’s worth a visit, but no booze in this sale.  Check this blog below the text for photographs and don’t forget to register with for on­line bidding.

£10,000 is a lot to pay for most of us for a second hand hifi, but in the last sale we made one young man very happy.  Apparantly KRELL is very rare in the UK and approaching £100,000 new. I’ll stick with my iPod! We do have hifi in this sale but the best I can do is an important large pair of Lowther Audiovector cabinet speakers with a range from 30 to 22000Hz, so great for bass resonance.

Importantly, from a private vendor,  we have a Chinese Qing dynasty Kangxi period gold­splash bronze vase with six character mark of Xuande, 10.75ins.  Estimate £4000-6000.

Meanwhile we are investigating what we believe to be possibly a Middle Kingdom BC period Egyptian funerary boat with 5 figures (see blog picture).

An untouched property in Highgate has provided us with interesting lots to include a group of 19th century Russian icons, one within a chased silver riza, two Georgian period boxes of medicine bottles, one a doctor’s box with mixing bowls, and surgical instruments by Mawson and Thompson, one being silver, the knives with tortoiseshell mounts, old walking sticks, a three-draw telescope, Victorian propelling pencils, an extensive collection of 18th and 19th century keys, old Masonic regalia, old carved ivory.

There’s quite a lot of English, Irish and American SILVER including a George IV canteen of cutlery. There’s silver plate including a goblet inscribed ‘Kit Kat Club 1703′.

JEWELLERY approximately 40 lots including a very nice two-diamond cross­over ring and a three-diamond engagement ring, and a large quantity of 22ct gold coins.

PICTURES include studio of John Bettes, Joe Tillson, paintings and prints including sporting prints, one after Archibald Thorburn, signed, and prints and lithographs including after Beryl Cook and Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo, called Corneille, signed, maps, 18th, 19th and 20th century portraits by artists including Ethel Gabain and K. Mayer, an early 19th century silhouette by Augustin Edouart, and works by artists including L. Van Staaten, Peter Scott, P. Buchanan, Howard Knee, Peggy Barley, John Britton, F. Milet, Michael Rose, Sir Bernard Partridge, Glyn Uzzell, Faith Sheppard, Francesco Pabloe de Besperato, Fargher, etc.

COLLECTABLES fill the shelves . We have some really interesting items including a pair of 18th century Italian reliquary panels decorated with curled paper and an 18th century oval plaster bust of The Virgin as Queen of Heaven, a small 18th century woven panel worked with a monstrance, a collection of icons.  Also a large quantity of stamps and first day covers, football programmes, including 4 big boxes of Leeds United postcard albums, cigarette cards, a box of crucifixes, a military band of lead soldiers, coins, old maps, an extensive collection of 18th century and later keys of all sizes, an interesting collection of early irons, a Coronation coach by Lesney in original box, and Coronation propelling pencils, boxes of old pens, two old London Transport posters one by Hans Huger ’57 the other by Derrick Sayer.  We have an extensive collection of ethnic carvings and pots ­ some antique, face masks, an elephant foot pot, old luggage, old weapons including old Japanese swords, glass walking sticks and other ornate sticks, a military sword and a French bayonet and scabbard, M1886 known as the ‘Rosalie’, fishing equipment, cameras, good old tools including a lock with bell mechanism etc.

TOYS includes a large number of remote controlled cars, boxes of London Transport buses, LGB Lehmann rack engine, 2 LGB wagons, an LGB tram and trailer, a tinplate roundabout, etc.

SHELF ITEMS include POTTERY PORCELAIN AND GLASS including Carlton Ware, Crown Devon, a Lalique Ganymede 9ins wine cooler and a model of a puppy, 7 ins., an extensive collection of Lladro figures, including 11, 16 and 17 ins items, a collection of 9 items of Zsolnay, 19th century Derby and Worcester, a huge Champagne display bottle, Imari and other oriental porcelain, Meissen plates, bronzes including a boy at prayer, a Shelley tea service of conical form decorated with gorse, Lancastrian pottery, Moorcroft, a collection of Wedgwood jasper ware, a huge collection of thimbles and display towers, two pairs of Doulton vases, one large, Continental and English porcelain figures, five Royal Copenhagen faience art pottery mugs each base set with a silver disc, a collection of Honiton pottery, a cabinet of 18th century plaster cast mouldings, a Royal Crown Derby cockerel, 12 ins., and other pieces of Crown Derby including a dressing table set, Beswick horses, and Beatrix Potter figures, an old mahogany artist’s box and contents, a paperweight collection, Paul Du Boise flower vase with woodpeckers, Royal Worcester tea wares, an old wire cased soda siphon, Waterford and other glass, a group of religious figures, collectable teapots, old irons, 20 or so wax cylinders by Edison Bell and Sterling, Minton Haddon Hall china including two large tureens with lids, Old Country Roses tea wares, and much more.

BOOKS including Laurence Housman/Edmund Dulac The Arabian Nights, The Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus 1851 by The Sydenham Society, Johnny Newcome In The Navy by John Mitford 1819, A Gramer of Botany by James Smith, 1826, The Tour of Dr. Syntax 1828, History of England by Smollett and by Hume, 1824 etc.

RECORDS mainly rock and pop including the Beatles and 78rpm records with Elvis, Glen Miller, The Platters.


FURNITURE is thin on the ground this sale, less than 100 lots I guess but includes an 18th century dresser, a large Victorian bench, tables big and small, settees and chairs, a pair of glazed bookcases, a pair of French bed frames with cane panels, an old cane and mahogany crib, a reproduction library bookcase, chests of drawers stamped Liberty, an elaborate carved lamp stand, etc.

GENERAL EFFECTS including a sousaphone, a soprano clarinet, a violin, good beds, white goods, many televisions, two good mowers­ a Flymo and a large cylinder Atco, a Bernina model 801 electric sewing machine, a small generator , shower trays, sinks, a large number of interlined gold silk curtains AND A BROMPTON FOLDING CYCLE, AS NEW. THEY ARE £700+ NEW.  AND AN UNUSED MERCURY NEO ELECTRIC SCOOTER

Check this blog below the text for photographs and don’t forget to register with for on­line bidding.

Title: 19th MARCH 2015 Sale Information

Date Posted: Monday, March 9th, 2015

Dear Friend,

Ref: Our next sale on the 19th March starting at 11am with viewing on the 18th from 1-­7pm and sale day from 9.30am


I hope you enjoyed our February sale. It really sang, especially the stick collection, and the fabulous stick with the carved ivory hare handle styled as a gent with stiff collar and cigar sold at £900.  The rest of the collection did well too and I know the vendor would have been thrilled so many people benefited.  AND THERE’S MORE ……. this sale on the 19TH MARCH WITH AN 11AM START has the remainder of the collection including 5 sticks made from rhino horn which makes them very rare.  One has a wonderful silver handle set with an intaglio another has a rhino horn handle carved as a dog head.  Additionally, we have many more malacca canes with carved ivory handles, one as a very fetching monkey. As if that’s not enough there are hundreds of old sticks with the traditional curved handle, frequently mounted in silver. This is a rare opportunity, please don’t miss it. And worked rhino horn is completely legal to trade within the UK.

This sale benifits in some way from unfortunate circumstances. That is to say that we are selling modern effects to clear debts. They include a phenomenal hifi comprising a Krell Playback System­ 20i by Krell digital including a KPS 20t, a KRC­HR, and a Reference 64.  The speakers are by Wilson Audio WATT/puppy loud speakers each with a Tiny tot. The two amps each need 2 men to lift them, I joke not.  The whole system cost over £10,000.  We have a large modern leather-clad bed that incorporates a television, a carved wood and cane bed frame and another leather bed frame.  We must have half a dozen modern televisions (£80-­£120), modern kitchen equipment and some high fashion handbags and accessories. Fashion also includes a fabulous full length mink coat. (£250-­£350)

PAINTINGS, PRINTS & GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS, including a fine full ­length portrait of Archibald Templeton­Wright (1924­-1944) as a boy, in Highland dress, by Sydney P. Kendrick, and works by other artists incl. O. von Krobshofer, John Thorne, George Fall, Fred. A. Farrell, Ron Folland, Desmond Rayner, Cominetti, Willems, Fritz Mueller, John Frederic Lloyd Strevens, Cecil Jack Keats, V. Giuditti, Mary Dixon, G. Mueller, Beryl Cook, Alan Howells, Graham Pellow, L.Van Staaten, Simons, Rowley Smart, Sharifah F. Sy Zubir, Peter Kraemer, F. Behrens, F. Voltz, J. von Bachmann, R.O. Dunlop, Doreen Hunt, Josef Rieper, John Piper, Cyril Mann, Graham Bannister, Brian Griffin, etc.

An extensive selection of SILVER & PLATE including a canteen of Christofle cutlery stamped 925, in original 4 drawer box.

JEWELLERY including a ring with two diamonds the size of bricks.

ALCOHOL & CIGARS includes an Imperial bottle of 1812 Grande Fine Champagne 1964 Monte Real Rioja, endless bottles of whisky incl. 9 bottles of Chivas Regal and other spirits, cases of wines, 1970 Warr’s Vintage Port, 1980 Quarles Harris Tercentenary 1980 vintage port, 1960 Martinez port, good brandy and alcohol miniatures, and unopened cigars.

PORCELAIN, POTTERY & GLASS includes 19th century Derby including a trio, Carlton Ware, a Lalique dolphin vase, Moorcroft vase, Oriental incl. Satsuma, an extensive Royal Crown Derby dinner and tea service, ‘Kedleston’ pattern, old Doulton, Goebels figures, Carlton Ware and Gresley Guinness bowls, a Whitefriars ‘drunken bricklayer’ vase, good cut glass incl. decanters, Waterford crystal drinking glasses, two modern Daum vases, a Dali sculpture, Continental porcelain figures, 4 Lalique fruit bowls with saucers, Wedgwood dinner wares, Thomas dinner wares, Royal Albert ‘Lavender Rose’, Botanic Garden dinner and tea wares, Wedgwood blue jasper ware, Royal Copenhagen tea wares in blues and another set with gilt borders, Copenhagen Christmas coffee cups. THE SHELVES ARE FULL.

Other objects include a good model of HMS Victory, 30 ins, by Richard Norris, no. 86/100, with copper hull, other model yachts and boats, a model sextant by Sestral, London, 3 old leather baseball gloves, an old Kodak paper salesman’s pouch, early, advertising papers. Clocks, a Victorian desk set, a 19th century wooden tea caddy as a pear.

OBJETS D’ART including beadwork purses and bags, wonderful old compacts, carved figures, miniature dolls, cigarette cases, fans, signatures including Noel Gallagher of Oasis, film poster for ‘Easy Rider’, an Arsenal FC shirt, boxing ephemera, car mascots including a chrome B for Bentley paper knife, a period Kaiser Bill car mascot, cigarette cards, playing cards, old photographs, extensive costume jewellery, a good stamp collection, a good Italian stamp collection including a large group of Vatican stamps, coins etc., a large collection of First Editions buses filling two boxes, also a signed Arsenal shirt and a ’66 World cup programme in good condition part filled in with tickets for the series in season ticket envelope, along with other good football programmes and tickets.

FURNITURE and modern effects including a leather upholstered bed with integrated television, modern settees, an early 20th century compactum wardrobe, a Victorian window seat, a Victorian mahogany barrel­-top desk cross­banded in satinwood, a 19th century rosewood library table, an 18th century marquetry chest of drawers, many dining tables, modern household equipment including stainless steel pans and modern kitchen appliances, old legal deed boxes, one ‘The Property of Sir Oswald Moseley, bart.’, display cabinets, an 18th century oak dresser, a gilt three-piece suite, an ebonised corner cupboard, a Georgian bureau ­bookcase, a collector’s cabinet of 15 shallow drawers, a Georgian pad­foot table, a Victorian love seat, a refectory dining table with draw-leaf action and 8 elaborately carved chairs including a pair with arms, a restored Victorian mangle, good beds, white goods incl. NEF ovens, washing machines, a brand ­new plastic front door still in original packaging, Minty bookcases, a large circular dining table with 8 chairs, a lot of old tins, table lights, decorative vases, extensive hifi including Samsung and Denon, stylish furniture by Betula Ltd including a very stylish dining table with separate D­-ends and 12 chairs.

Lots of oriental CARPETS.

Please remember we are selling some of the sale­ the pictures, silver, jewellery and some art objects and the sticks and the contents of the better shelves, including a selection of alcohol, online. You need to register with We hope to do better this sale with our efforts. Please stick with us!

Look further down our blog for photographs.