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Title: 11th FEBRUARY 2016 Sale Information

Date Posted: Monday, February 1st, 2016

Dear Friends,
Our first sale of the year on Thursday 11th February approaches and I am pleased to announce that we have confirmed instructions to offer a Geneva Bible printed by Rouland Hall, Geneva, 1560, and including ‘The Whole Book Of Psalmes’, ‘printed by the printers to the Universitie of Cambridge’, 1634, within a 17th century binding and inscribed with family records from 1642.  This is  an important book and it’s worth at least reading Wikipedia to have its importance put into context  (

On the subject of BOOKS, in 2014-15 we were instructed to sell the Mayer library which we did in association with Bonhams.  It was very successful, grossing well into six figures.  There is one lot left and that we are including in the February sale,  catalogued by the scholar John Collins thus:
Sociology of Film, FIRST EDITION, plates, tipped in a duplicated note by the author on the new edition of 1948 (2nd thought in Mayer’s hand), with an unbound bundle of proofs and some originals for the illustrations, cloth, repaired with tape, 1946–AUTY (RICHARD) Film in Focus, 1949–CARTER (S.B.) The Films, WEA, [c. 1945]; Film Quiz 500 Questions, Edinburgh, Albyn Press, [1945], last 3 in wrappers [none recorded on Copac], 8vo; and a substantial archive on film, from Mayer’s library (quantity)
Includes approximately 35 stills and lobby cards, 3 copies of a striking poster on red paper advertising a seminar on “Sociology of Film” (lead speaker JPM), designed by Judie Layton and Adrian Purkis, Harrow, 1971; correspondence with Rank and others; reviews; pamphlets and publicity material; and reports and completed questionnaires by children and adolescents. “We had distributed about 1,000 questionnaires in one of the Odeon Cinema Children’s Clubs out of which 85 were sent back completed. We also received some 30 essays from secondary school girls” (Sociology, p.58). The originals of most of these are in the collection and although a few are quoted in the printed text, much of very great interest is omitted.

PHOTOGRAPHS feature in this sale and one particularly fine album combines the good efforts during the Second World War in China of submariner Samuel Orme who took every opportunity to photograph shipping and had a great eye for local scenes including the Sino-Japanese War at Chinwangtao in the North, showing refugees and ruins.  It also contains postcards and period reprints including grizzly executions.  Along with the book are his four medals.

From another vendor are albums of photographs and postcards relating to Russia and the First World War, particularly shipping and soldiers. Another client has entered studio glamour photographs including of Jayne Mansfield.  A card illustrating the Arsenal team for 1930 comes with a page of original team member autographs including Pat Beasley, David Pryde, Bernard Joy, Alf Kitchen, Leslie Compton, and Cliff Bastin.  Another vendor who worked for the bus company that was employed by the England team in 1966 bought a special autograph book and with help from the driver got the full team’s autographs.  We have that to sell too.

PICTURES include a  particularly good group of 9 signed prints by  William Russell Flint, including ‘Rosalba’, ‘La Voulte sur Rhone’, ‘Campo San Trovaso’, ‘Castanets’, ‘Giselle & Julietta’, ‘Secret Retreat’, ‘Retreat from the Sun’,  ‘Awkward Encounter’ and ‘The Silver Mirror’.   Other artists include Andy Warhol, Peter Brookes, Georges Damin, Jocelyn Galsworthy, Robin Toogood, Henry Wilkinson, C. Cooper, E. von Behling, Irene Kirkpatrick, Hutton Mitchell, John Burgess, J. Renshaw,T. Sinclair, J. Earp, J.W. Craddock, C.W. Oswald, C. Bousfield, Harold George, Natalie B. Hambleton, Herbert George, L. Lewis, Picasso, Arthur Suker, H. Bellamy, H.W. Hicks, Bertram Knight and A. de Koninck, and a good group of watercolours.

The SHELVES, as usual, strain under the weight of content of all sorts and PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS include a full dinner service of Crown Derby, a collection of modern Moorcroft, 25 pieces, a collection of Lladro, 17 Doulton figures, a Beswick collection, a Wedgwood Cavendish dinner and tea service, a 19th century sandwich set each of the 18 pieces painted with named scenes, Goebel figures, Clarice Cliff pieces, a Herend coffee service, an extensive collection of Swarovski crystal, blue and brown Denby, Sherratt & Simpson animal figures, a fantastic Coalport tea service model Y2665 of batwing design and rare mauve colour way, bronze figures of dogs, bulls and goats, good cut glass, a bronze of Orpheus signed Leslie Summers, a fine pair of Chinese blue and white baluster jars with covers.  COLLECTABLES including post cards, stamp albums and first day covers, year stamp packs for 2007-12, a 925 silver ladies fountain pen by Montblanc, a rare and fine 19th century apothecary’s mahogany box with original fitments of bottles, scales, pestle and mortar, an early miniature sewing machine, an AC and DC Wattmeter 1969 in a bakelite case, geological specimens and fossils. Coins including a large collection of mint and boxed coins from The Royal Mint – over 50 items.

JEWELLERY including costume jewellery.  Silver and plate. A large number of oriental rugs. Books. Records.  COSTUME includes a wide selection of fur coats.

FURNITURE fills the room with a spectacular 1960s Danish dining suite in exotic hardwood including a set of 8 chairs very similar to the one in the December sale.  A very large antique coffer and a large carved Burmese cabin trunk/linen box. Of exquisite quality, a large late Victorian mahogany sideboard the top   carved with acons, oak leaves and branches of apples.  We have an extensive good quality garden suite by Cannock Gates, a modern light oak dining suite with a large table and display sideboard, a bergere suite and two others in light leather, an old bentwood coat stand, a Georgian niche with barrel back.

GENERAL EFFECTS include from an exclusive residence endless flat screen televisions including one by Pioneer (44″). We have hifis and a Yamaha sound bar. We have a large cream American fridge and other white goods, a set of car wheels, brand new flat pack furniture and much more.  If you are a film set company you’ll love our 20 old crates full of period milk bottles!!

In fact there’s nothing not to love about this sale.  All lots are photographed and the catalogue is available on our website from Sunday evening, 7th February.

There are slight changes in this sale.  Having experienced light fingered hooligans who seem not to know about working for a living we will be showing during viewing the collectable items only by request across a barrier.  It’s not ideal we know – but what are we to do?

Best wishes

Title: 10th DECEMBER 2015 Sale Information

Date Posted: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Dear Friends,

This is our last sale of the year so it would be good to see you all so that at least we can wish you a happy Christmas! It’s also full of booze!

It’s on the 10th December at 11am with viewing on the 9th from 1 to 7 pm and from 9.30 am on sale day.

I’m currently looking at a first edition 1560 copy of the Geneva Bible, rebound in the 17th century when the Psalms were added in 1634. It seems to be in good condition although we still need to inspect every page. I’ll do that when we get the confirmed instruction. It carries a £7000-£10,000 estimate. It’s terribly important and I ask you to read about it on Wikipedia to appreciate how rare it is.

The removal men are about to return from what was once the London home of Mandy Rice-Davies. The mews house was restored in the 70s by an opera enthusiast, who lectured on the subject, we have all his records, programmes and scores. All the furniture was from Heals and includes a stylish rosewood dining suite with eight chairs, pedestal chairs and two stylish settees. From a property a little further north, and with a balcony overlooking Lord’s cricket ground, we have more stylish furniture along with glamorous clothes and Ferragamo shoes.

A flat by Harrow School has given us a wonderful oil painting – a scene of Rebecca at the well from the circle of Antonio Balestra. Also from that home is a watercolour by Luigi Bazzani. Otherwise the PICTURES section has works by artists including Ishbel McWhirter, Dan Rubinstein, Giulio Farnese, Salliann Putman, Aase Lykkeberg, F.E. Jamieson, Joseph van Dieghem, Derek Farman, R. Dudley, Bill Waugh, Denis Pannett, Clement Cowles, Hans-Peter Zimmer, Ashton Cannell, Ken King, John Trickett, Michial Mikora, C.W. Oswald, Graeme W. Baxter, Josep Maria Subirachs, Anthony Green, and Teresa Narduzzo. Also in the sale is a group of family silhouettes including by Augustin Edouart.

SILVER AND PLATE includes a good pair of 19th century large silver gilt conch shell dishes, candlesticks, and about 12 shelves of silver plate. JEWELLERY has a very large amount of costume jewellery from a retired manufacturer who sold to Laura Ashley and Fenwicks. They are all nickel-free using hardstones and are good for today’s fashion. Real jewellery includes a heavy platinum diamond eternity ring and a sapphire bracelet, a diamond line bracelet, etc.

Shelf items include a good collection of PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS with old glass including a 19th century rummer engraved with a horse, a group of English blue and white Delft and continental faience, smart dinner services including a Royal Doulton ‘Babylon’ service with 2 tureens, a good pair of Chinese 19th century blue and white pots with lids,  a most unusual pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of hairdressers, signed Martin ware, Troika, oyster plates. We also have a Rolleiflex camera and lots of other cameras, bronzes, a carved wood reclining deity, a stylish Old Hall chrome plated tea service, old brass and copper, lots of boxes including an old travelling chess set, old scales, fishing equipment, an oil lamp, war axes, a carved Maori paddle shaped club, etc. etc. I can see 15 CLOCKS on the shelves including three in fancy gilt metal, a 19th century rosewood portico clock, a clock in a tortoiseshell case, two carriage clocks, etc. We have a three bottle tantalus with glasses box attached, presented as a first prize in 1898, a Japanese sword, decorative boxes and a charming bronze naked child on a snail which is a fountain, 28″ high.  

The WINES AND SPIRITS section is extensive and includes a 1986 300cl bottle of Chateau Potensac, 1981 Rothschild Pauillac, a 1959 Chateau Cantenac Brown Margaux, a ’71 Chateau Latour, a ’77 Chateau Talbot, a part case of Chateau Latour a Pomerol 1979, 1 x 6000 ml and 1 x 3000 ml bottles of Veuve Clicquot, a bottle of Moet champagne in original box, and three bottles of Dom Perignon ’62, ’93, and ’95.  There are dozens more wines still to be unpacked along with good whisky including Glenfiddich 1993 Foundation Reserve,  two numbered bottles of Bushmills single malt Irish whisky in an entry of 14 single malts from one vendor alone.  Ports and brandy are well represented, the nearest one to me being a 1963 bottled in 1965 by J.W. Burmester Ltd in the same lot as a 1972 Fonseca.  Worth a visit I think!

Upstairs, the shelves are full of BOOKS, RECORDS, and an extensive collection of MODEL RAILWAY ITEMS including one man’s collection of engines including O-gauge Weaver Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 5 car passenger set (cost £300), Denver Rio Grande loco and tender (cost £700),  RR Elsa LGB powered (cost £500), Williams Electric Union Pacific Big Boy train (cost £1000) and many, many more including Tri-ang, Airfix, Fleischman, lots of EFE, models, Hornby, Lima,  etc.  Other COLLECTABLES include a vast quantity of football programmes, opera programmes and scores, a bag of The Schoolgirl comic, 1930s, old postcards and cigarette cards, an original Rolling Stones European Tour 1982 poster, two car mascots, and lots of fountain pens. 

COSTUME includes a fine mink coat and other minks and furs, glamorous clothes and Ferragamo shoes and other quality accessories, and hunt dress coats including one from the Quorn hunt, a ceremonial tail coat, and a ceremonial cloak emblazoned with the Great Priory crest worked in gold thread.

We have a lot of ORIENTAL RUGS

FURNITURE includes settees and pedestal chairs from Heals bought in the 70s along with a rosewood dining suite, a set of 8 leather dining chairs by Pieff, a slate and steel dining table and a period sofa table edged in exotic hardwood. We also have an extended set of 10 reproduction mahogany dining chairs, each with arms.

GENERAL EFFECTS include garden pots, some planted up, garden furniture, tools and lots of Bang and Olufsen hifis, etc.

Our catalogue is on our website from Sunday and each lot carries a picture.

Register with and you can bid online from the comfort of your home.

See you on the 10th and Happy Christmas!

Title: 5th NOVEMBER 2015 Sale Information

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Our upcoming sale is Thursday 5th November at 11am, with viewing on Wednesday 4th 1-7pm or 9.30-11am on sale day.

It was during my summer vacation that I managed two days in Barcelona and spent hours enjoying Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Basilica. One of the memorable items was the controversial sculpture for the Passion Facade by the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs (1927-2014). In this coming sale, on bonfire night, we are pleased to be able to offer fourteen original drawings by Subirachs, all of which illustrate his angular style. They are each in matching modern frames and will be offered in twos, threes and one set of four.

Among the other famous artists represented we have an oil on canvas by Hans-Peter Zimmer (1936-1992). It depicts The Magi and in German is entitled ‘Die Anbetung der Heiligen Drei Könige’. Other artists among the 80 lots in the PICTURES section incude Josep Maria Subirachs, Teresa Narduzzo, Reginald Gammon, John Elwyn, Thirza Kotzen, J.C. Nachenius, W. Russell Flint, Donald Plenderleith, Henri Josef Pauwels, Jenny Wheatley, John Edwards, Hans Peter Zimmer, Ampigli, David Wishaw, Mary Dipnell, Ted Dyer, Kathleen Wigglesworth, etc.

SILVER AND PLATE include a three-piece bachelor’s coffee set, fruit baskets, cups, condiments, a Persian bowl on raised foot, a substantial columnar lamp base, trays, cutlery, seven modern unused cutlery boxes. JEWELLERY includes costume jewellery including a large quantity from Butler & Wilson South Molton Street London, much of it diamante.

ART OBJECTS including portrait miniatures. We are pleased to have been instructed to sell a gentleman’s collection of seven sets of proof COINS from the Royal Mint in fitted boxes, these include ‘The Golden Jubilee Collection’ comprising 24 silver coins from 12 Commonwealth countries, 22 weighing 28.28 gms each and 2 weighing 31.15 gms, contained in a wooden casket with face values of £5 and up to $10, ‘The History of Powered Flight’ with 13 silver proof coins each weighing 31.10 gms of fine silver, each with a face value of $25, a 2009 UK silver proof coin set of 12 coins comprising special commemorative issues of the year with the range of definitive coins, a UK 2006 Piedfort Collection of 6 sterling silver and gold-plated coins including the Queen’s 80th Birthday Piedfort Crown, two 2008 UK coinage including Emblems of Britain and Royal Shield of Arms, both silver proof collections, a 25th Anniversary silver proof collection of 14 £1 coins, designed by Edwina Ellis in a fitted case, and a set of 19 silver £5 coins commemorating ‘The History of Steam’ in a wooden casket. A small collection of jewellery and scarf boxes from Hermes, Cartier, Asprey, Tiffany & Co, an extensive collection of 54 sets of cigarette cards and loose cards, with list. Medals with appropriate photographs, an original Johnson Riddle & Co printed poster ‘See Canada and USA Through Canadian National Railways’, other posters, old postcards, first day covers, a collection of old theatre programmes from the 1950s, including Garrick Theatre and the local Watford Palace Theatre.

SHELF ITEMS include a Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos CLOCK in a brass case with blue and grey marbled face, circa 1970, an ornate and large gilt ormolu French mantel clock with porcelain numerals, a Victorian mercury pendulum four-glass mantel clock, other ornate mantel clocks including a trio in onyx and gilt metal, an 18th century mahogany longcase clock, the painted dial marked JG Allen of Guernsey, a stick barometer, an elephant’s foot stick stand of good patina, a Continental burr walnut and brass inlaid liquor box, other old boxes including a tantalus, a silver-topped cane and shooting stick, a Victorian single lens microscope, a restored old Dunhill lighter. PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS including Denby Green Wheat dinner ware by A College, Paragon Michelle tea ware, a fine and extensive Spode Fleur de Lys gold dinner and tea service with large tureens, Royal Grafton Malvern tea ware, Wood & Son and Hornsea dinner and tea wares, A Wilkinson Ltd paisley-patterned dinner service. An extensive collection of cut and moulded glass including large fruit bowls, a coloured glass collection, a group of 19th century terracotta wall tiles painted with fruit. Signed Moorcroft, a Clarice Cliff Bizarre bowl, a Japanese tea set, a large Royal Dux figure, Victorian Worcester, Lladro, five pieces of Martin Brothers pottery including a small gourd vase and two floral vases, a fine Victorian wall light with cranberry glass shade, a large entry of 19th century tavern glasses and rummers, two epergnes, an Hermes decorative plate, ivory chess pieces, a large carved eagle.

An extensive collection of BOOKS including a first edition ‘Rome’ signed by Emile Zola and a first edition ‘En balade’ signed by Gyp, a first edition of ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ and first edition Ernest Hemingway ‘A Moveable Feast’ with dust cover, an extensive collection of books on London including ‘Old and New London’ by Cassel, ‘Making of London’ by Green, ‘London’ Vols 1-4 by Charles Knight, and military books including ‘History of Corps of Royal Engineers’ in 10 volumes, ‘Indian Campaigns and Stories’, ‘Indian Army Uniform’ by Carmen in 2 vols, etc., books on Freemasonry and Masonic sashes, old brass scales, old dolls. Other toys include a Skybirds motorcycle despatch rider, machine gun and crew, total 5 pieces in original box priced 8d, A Lego Mindstorms robotics set and, just delivered, a quantity of lead soldiers and farmyard animals, old tinplate toys, and in it’s original bottle and case from A. Nelson & Co Homeopathic Pharmacy 73 Duke Street London W1, a bottle of pills prepared for HRH The Princess Elizabeth 17.11.48, and a charming miniature Common Prayer book with hallmarked silver corners, a bronze plaque by C E Barber to commemorate the World’s Columbian Exposition, in commemoration of 400 years of the landing of Columbus, in original metal box, a Mycalex & Tim bus ticket dispenser, a black plastic telephone handset in a brown Bakelite field case with carry strap, old fishing rods, a pet carry cage, etc.

Oriental and other CARPETS.

COSTUME includes FUR coats, handbags, vintage and modern designer clothing including Jean Muir, Sportmax, Sonia Rykiel, Oscar de la Renta robes, etc.

FURNITURE to include a fine quality reproduction mahogany library bookcase by Martin J Dodge Ltd, a serpentine mirror-top dressing table, a carved Chinese cabinet, garden benches, a 19th century buffet, an elaborate Victorian mahogany and satinwood display sideboard, a reproduction Continental commode, an elegant armoire in faux bamboo, a good quality Victorian library bookcase with bobbin-turned frieze. From a 200 year old undertaker’s business in London town, now closing, lots of mahogany furniture including a huge mahogany 19th century unit of six very large and deep drawers with brass and ebonised handles, a carved oak hall seat, linen press, ready for Christmas a good Riley dining-come-snooker table in restored condition with cues and balls, a good quality Victorian burr walnut knee-hole desk and three other knee-hole office desks, one a partner’s desk, Victorian and Georgian style chair sets, a large leather settee, a bamboo and ‘canework’ conservatory suite, a fine late Victorian bedroom suite on carved claw and ball feet, four modern chairs by Arne Jacobsen, a Victorian bow-fronted walnut pier cabinet, a pair of French small display cabinets, a fine Victorian chaise longue with wonderful green buttoned upholstery, a walnut dining room suite, a Victorian walnut pedestal dining table, a Globe Wernicke four-section bookcase, a Victorian hall stand, a pair of bergere armchairs, a Victorian carved corner chair, a walnut chest on stand, a good quality figured walnut dining room suite, possibly by Epstein, comprising table, six chairs, sideboard and serving table, a matching cocktail cabinet and a nest of tables, a collection of approximately 20 mirrors, old and modern, etc.

Also a huge carved granite Celtic cross and base stone (a four-man lift job), a Victorian spiral iron staircase of 10 ornate steps, manufactured by Hayward Brothers of Union Street Borough London, and a carved marble sculpture of a winged angel with hands clasped in prayer.

Our December sale will have a liquor license and we are already in possession of fine Champagnes and wines.

The catalogue can be viewed from the Sunday before the sale at and images of some of the items are on the Blog – scroll down below the text. Online bidding is available through UkAuctioneers.