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Title: 28th APRIL 2011

Date Posted: Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Part of the very fine stamp collection in our April Sale:

LOT 249 Est. £500-700
Thirty nine used copies of Norway 1855 4s blue imperf. issue, mostly four margin copies with either ‘gridiron’ or numeral type cancellations plus a few CDS cancellations, and seven used copies of Norway 1855 4s blue imperf. issue four of which are fine used with CDS cancellations.

LOT 250 Est. £350-450
Entire with fine four-margin used copy of Norway 1855 4s blue tied, with certificate from Hans Grobe, and three similar, one with fine Bergen 14/10/1856 cancellation, one pen-cancelled, undated and without comments and one with fine Christiana 15/6/1857 and ’12′ cancellation.

LOT 251 Est. £1400-1600
British South Africa Company (Rhodesia) 18 values from d to £1, overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’, all fine mounted mint and rare, and six values good used condition: 4d, 2/- damaged, 5/- x two and £1 x two.

LOT 252 Est. £200-300
Finland 1866 Coat of Arms 1 mark yellow-brown, Facit Catalogue number 10C3, superb used and offered with certificate by Lars Neilsen 16th April 2001 endorsed “genuine and without repairs”, and another similar good used and supplied with certificate by Rolf Gummesson “genuine, minor perfection faults, well centred fine copy”.

LOT 253 Est. £250-350
Netherlands, set of 12 imperforated, fine mounted mint stamps from bottom of sheet, possibly colour trials/essays, unusual and fine; 1899 series of five values (15c, 25c, 17 1/2 c, 22 1/2 and 60c) all perf. 11 1/2 and with signs of gum disturbance, fine appearance; 1899 series of seven values (15c, 17 1/2c, 22 1/2c, 25c, 50c and 60c) all perf. 11 and with signs of gum disturbance, fine appearance; and 1940 set of surcharges, generally fine unmounted mint but gum disturbance on 70c value only.

LOT 254 Est. £200-300
Straits Settlements set of 12 values of 1902, 1 cent to $5, overprinted SPECIMEN (SG110s to 21s), fine colours, mounted mint, and Straits Settlements set of four values of 1903, 1 cent to 8 cent, overprinted SPECIMEN (SG123s to 6s) fine mounted mint set.

LOT 255 Est. £150-250
West Berlin 1949 Berlin Relief Fund miniature sheet, SG B70a, a fine example of this elusive item, unmounted mint but with a few tiny specks on reverse which does not detract.

LOT 256 Est. £100-200
Netherlands, Postal History – one postcard with divided back with probably SG168 tied with clear Graauw BV double ring cds 21/AUG/06, the second with undivided back with probably SG168 tied with fine Hoog-Blokland double ring cds 13/FEB/07; 1881 Postage Dues, 23 mounted mint values, much original gum, plus one value used (1 Guilden value), also one mint block of four (20c value); and 1907 Postage Due (Portzegel) complete set of 13 values lightly mounted mint.

LOT 257 Est. £100-200
Canada 1897 Jubilee issues, 13 values used (half cent to 20 cents x 2) plus SG138 ($3) overprinted SPECIMEN, mounted mint with slight gum thin.

LOT 258 Est. £120-180
Netherlands Indies: Facit Catalogue numbers 60b-61A (1 Guilden and 2 1/2 Guilden values on blue paper), both very lightly mounted, also (58C and 59C) 1 Guilden and 2 1/2 Guilden values with traces of hinges otherwise fine; Netherlands Indies (Java) 1902 mint series of 14 values from 1 cent to 1 Guilden with Java overprint inverted; and Surinam 1925 12 1/2 ct on 22 1/2 ct, a pair fine used with mint single from left margin with missing full stop after ‘ct’.

LOT 259 Est. £80-120
Netherlands, adhesives of August 1914 International Show, one pair with gum disturbance, one single label on cover addressed to Belgium plus block of four of each of the two values and supplied with N.V.P.H. certificate, rare; Swiss 1868/70 Hotel Post adhesives ‘Rigi Scheideck’, Nos: 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 3, and 3a, complete set of six labels mounted and priced to sell at $100; and Netherlands 1967 International Stamp Show Amsterdam (Amphilex ’67), SG 1035/6/7 (Mi880/881/882), three values in sheetlets of ten, fine unmounted mint.

LOT 260 Est. £200-300
Great Britain, SG2, 5 and 6 – two Penny Blacks and one Penny Red all Plate 1A and matched position I.G., all fine four-margin examples; and SG2b, 5a and 6a – two Penny Blacks and one Penny Red all Plate 1A and matched position H.B., all fine four-margin examples.

LOT 261 Est. £180-220
Great Britain: Mulready black (1d) mint letter sheet Forme 3 ref: A57, superb mint with the usual folding crease but does not detract; Mulready black (1d) Envelope Forme 2ref: A147, superb mint with the usual folding crease and very slight foxing on flap, does not detract; Mulready blue (2d) letter sheet ref: a98, good mint example with signs of foxing and marks on reverse which do not detract; and Mulready blue (2d) Envelope ref: a209, mint with foxing and repairs inside envelope, a couple of thins noted but does not detract.

LOT 262 Est. £100-150
Singapore: 1969 miniature sheet commemorating 150th anniversary of Founding of Singapore, SGMS127, fine used cancelled PHILATELIC BUREAU/-2 SEP 69/SINGAPORE.

LOT 263 Est. £350-550
Netherlands Colonies: two pages of essays priced to sell at £1,150, fine and unusual. (Euro-yu stamps: proprietor now trading in Queensland).

Title: 28th APRIL 2011

Date Posted: Friday, April 1st, 2011



Busy as ever, we have our usual interesting sale coming together. The pièce de résistance is a picture frame by Fabergé in jade, enamel, gold and diamonds. We have a very interesting entry of stamps from Scandinavia, Canada and the UK. Also of note is a collection of 19th century boxes, particularly a fine rosewood box fitted with ivory-mounted geometry instruments and a Regency fitted sewing box.

CLOCKS include a spectacular tower clock with original wall bracket, a huge Victorian slate mantle clock of architectural form with gilt metal onion-top side pieces, and a quality 19th century oak longcase by Mahley &  Co., London. PICTURES include G Brightwell, E A Roder, Jean Cocteau, Reekie, Ruso, Wilinski, C Patrickson, R Wilson, Roz Ebbetts, W H Dyer, Noel Smith, Alfred De Breanski, Paul Gerchik, Antonio Crista, S Clary, Celia Green, F E Jamieson, Frank Brangwyn, James Noble, Samuel Colkett, Cecil Aldin, Russell Flint. SILVER AND PLATE includes lots of boxed items. JEWELLERY is a small section and includes a Tudor pendant watch in gold.

COLLECTABLES include lots of stamps, first day covers, postal history, postcards, old military photographs including a burning German war plane, a 1914 Princess Mary gift tin with original cigarettes, a 1941 emergency ration tin by Bovril Ltd, unopened, model destroyers, medals, daguerrotypes, The Kombi by Alfred Kemper, Chicago, a combined camera and graphoscope in original box, a Yashica 24 twin lens reflex camera, coins including many proof sets in silver, old needle cases by W Avery & Son, ‘Ladies’ Companion’ and Mitrailleuse and Kirby Beard & Co mixed pins, toy car models, boxed, by Guiloy, Burago, Mira, Corgi, Revell and old Dinky as new, Meccano, an old German tinplate roundabout and a large Triang lorry, a Lucy Atwell Fairy House biscuit/money box, old dolls, early perfumes including Lanvin, two walking sticks with well-carved ivory handles, one a clenched hand the other a dog’s head, other carved ivory pieces, stuffed birds and mounted animal head, an old phone by Rikstelefonen, fine champagne brandies, Aberlour a’bunadh single malt whisky with silver label no 1623, champagnes including Moet & Chandon, Pommery, Pol-Chabert, Lanson, and Charbaut, a huge collection of records and CDs all on Joan Sutherland, other records, and cream mink coats and a dark mink cocktail jacket.

CERAMICS AND GLASS include a Worcester painted plaque, Crown Derby Imari tea wares, Capo di Monte figures and a carriage and pair, Beswick Queen Elizabeth ll on Imperial, cut glass, and old teawares. BOOKS include a collection on London, the property of a Blue Badge guide, good children’s books. EPHEMERA includes a bound set of British and American playbills, 1865, some featuring Charles Keen, famous Shakespearean actor, born Ireland, educated Greenford and Eton. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS include a trumpet, an old violin, a concertina, and two pianos, CARPETS include a large Aubusson style hanging.

FURNITURE includes two large continental display cabinets, two painted commodes, old oak coffers, a large Victorian walnut credenza and a chiffonier, a George lll lacquered and painted cabinet, a sideboard with Liberty label, a George lll pedestal table, Georgian chests of drawers, dining tables, chair sets along with general effects, etc.

Title: 24th MARCH 2011

Date Posted: Monday, March 14th, 2011

On Thursday 24th March at 11am. View Wednesday 23rd 1-7pm or Sale day from 9.30am

Including a rare De Morgan vase, a good stamp collection and a fine Victorian overmantel mirror.

As the snowdrops move over for the daffodils our March sale fast approaches.  The most exciting thing of all is that Luan has discovered a very rare De Morgan vase from The Morgan Crucible Company, circa 1881.  At 18″, it’s decorated in the Isnik style.  There is a tantalising ‘L&Co’ written on the base (see blog for pictures and story).

From China we have a Ming Fahua Meiping vase, flower-decorated in a wonderful free hand,10.5″, and we have a 1672 Kreussen flagon.  The shelves are full and we have a particularly good showing of swords and knives including Samurai, with only one gun and that’s a 19th century percussion gun stamped Tantrek patent No. (?)00046T.  It has etched decoration.  There is also a pike staff.  CLOCKS are well represented with a Scottish long-case by T & A Muir, Falkirk, and a charming French repeating Art Nouveau carriage clock, a Black Forest table cuckoo clock and an inlaid drop dial wall clock.  We have a working barograph by Thos. Armstrong & Bros, Manchester, in a walnut case.  A bronze of Salome is by Ch. Levy and a wonderful scale model of an 1846 Sanderland of Glasgow 12 hp beam engine is by A J A Hanhart. CAMERAS including a Rollerflex 2.8F and a Zeiss Ikon Contax, each with accessories.

PORCELAIN, POTTERY AND GLASS abound as usual with all the well-known names including  Satsuma and a Clarice Cliff conical shaker, old stoneware bottles and a jug.  We also have decorative fans, a musical bird in a cage, old African wooden bowls and utensils, a metronome, old boxes including an oriental black lacquered artist’s box inlaid with mother of pearl, an original Woolworths mirror (‘Nothing In These Stores Over 6d’), a collection of Bossons, good old copper ware including jelly moulds and a beer jug, an old pair of iron ice pincers, old magazines, a wonderful old tool cabinet and contents, and a small but phenomenal STAMP collection including a Specimen set of 1909 Rhodesia half penny to 1 pound stamps and another Specimen set of Straits Settlements 1 cent to 5 dollar stamps, Canada 1837-1897 half cent to 3 dollar stamps (14 stamps), good early Netherlands stamps, and a very fine Finnish1866 Coat of Arms Type 1 mark yellow-brown, cancelled 1869, also good penny blacks, etc.

PAINTINGS include Edward Emerson, Paul Gerchik, Jean Shepheard, Molly Bishop and Russian artists. SILVER AND JEWELLERY are both sections in development.  BOOKS are well represented (including the Earl of Elgin’s Mission To China, Vols 1 and 2, 1859, 1st editions), as are TOYS, including a Tri-ang motor boat and a Lincoln International 2.4 litre model Jaguar, both boxed, old Meccano and instructions, etc.

FURNITURE includes a William IV rosewood cabinet with brass gallery to the marble top, a Victorian walnut bow-fronted mirror-back credenza, a 19th century window seat, a superb Victorian walnut pedestal desk, and other desks, a four-poster bed, a William IV library chair covered in brown leather, a Victorian button-back chair on good carved cabriole legs, an antique plate rack, an antique black lacquered cabinet painted with birds and flowers, a Georgian bureau, a Victorian mahogany dressing table, chests of drawers, a 19th century linen press, a 19th century upholstered rocking chair, good reproduction furniture including a Queen Anne-style chair, dining suites, one in the Art Deco style, low Chinese tables, a piano by J & J Hopkinson, a spectacular large Victorian gilt and gesso floral framed overmantle mirror and other mirrors, etc.

OBJECTS OF INTEREST include an original rudder dated 1884, Wadham College, Torpid 8, Cox: W Pressey, a Parker Pen display cabinet with pens, French enamelled opera glasses, a large Italian marble statue of a mischievous boy smoking a cigarette, 42”, a full suit of armour, a piano accordion, leather suitcases, boxed microscopes, an oriental dressing box with mirror and drawers with metal mounts, a modern humidor, old balance scales, a jade chess set, Victorian wrought metal snow guards, a large (probably 4 ft diameter) metal coat of arms, a carved Burmese chair, two 19th century lamp posts with lamps, a 19th century barber’s brass and copper burner for hot water, sterilization and hot towels, LPs, violins and a trumpet, a large Union Jack, two rocking horses, leaded glass windows and front door, cigarette cards, etc. 

COSTUME includes a glamorous satin evening gown, cotton day dresses, good fur coats including three fabulous full length fur coats, one fox and 2 mink, old handbags, 2 bicorn hats, old hunting boots, and a large quantity of new pashminas. Oriental rugs and a large Chinese carpet. Ceiling and wall lights, GENERAL EFFECTS include garden furniture, a rotivator and a mower, computers, etc., and a huge quantity of fishing tackle.

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