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Title: 29th SEPTEMBER 2011

Date Posted: Friday, September 16th, 2011


Including a very rare Doulton figure group of two bunnies, HN209 and a rare mounted quetzal.

Oh boy!!   What a full saleroom!  Checking the shelves I see 20 or so CLOCKS, mainly 19th and 20th century, including slate clocks, one of Egyptian form surmounted with a bronze sphinx, and a fusee wall clock. An interesting item is an Elgin USSV ship watch in lockable mahogany case and from that vendor came the apprentice fusee pendulum clock and deck watch part completed during his apprenticeship. There are numerous boxes and writing slopes in rosewood, coromandel, walnut, striped mahogany, and moulded lacquer, and a fabulous box in champleve enamel.  Among the boxed items are a microscope, a wonderful 19th century folding Dew Point thermometer in its original mahogany box with brass stand bearing label, by John Newman 122 Regent Street Nr The Quadrant, London.  With that lot is an old spirit lamp.  From the same vendor comes a boxed set of small apothecary scales with glass pans, with weights measured in grammes, scruples (a 24th part of an ounce), grains and ounces.  It comes with an old telegraph key, probably of railway or boat origins.

There are three turtle shells and ornithologically we have a rare quetzal perched on a branch, mounted in a glass case bearing a label for James Gardner 52 High Holborn London WC and measuring 27 ins from its bright green feathered head to the bottom of its tale.  The quetzal is a member of the Trogon family found in Central America and lives mainly on fruit and insects (a pair sold for £4000 as lot 965 in Tenant’s sale 26.3.10).  Other TAXIDERMY birds include a pheasant and an owl.

There are a large number of GUNS and SWORDS including air guns and pistols by Dianna Series 70 and Norica, also a 19th century Indian Army percussion rifle the stock stamped 2460.  Bayonets and daggers including two in Japanese champleve scabbards.   A further interesting item is a pair of Garter insignia painted on tin, both framed.   COSTUME includes a pair of Lanvin ostrich skin shoes and handbag, old children’s silk dresses and a pair of satin bootees, bowler, top and boater hats, a military jacket, a Japanese kimono worked with dragons and flaming pearls, fabulous mink and other fur coats and a leather fur-lined coat, various linen, a finely worked bed cover, and a silk floral worked shawl.

DRINK includes many wines and champagnes including Dom Perignon 1990, Canard-Duchene, Perrier Jouet, a bottle of 1963 Feuerheerd vintage port, good whiskies including Johnnie Walker blue label, Chivas Bros oldest and finest, Glenmorangie, Oban, Suntory, and good cognac.

CERAMICS fill the shelves and include good and old oriental, a continental 9 piece monkey band, Staffordshire and Royal Doulton figures, Beswick woodpecker, horse and Disney tea set, Minton Ancestral pattern tea wares, Swansea patterned plates, a Shorter 7 piece fish set, Capo di Monte, including a large piece La Burla, Torquay wares, Wade car mugs, Minton Haddon Hall tea wares, Lladro, Royal Worcester Evesham dinner and tea wares including a huge jug, Goebels figures, fine French porcelain coffee cups mounted in silver, Royal Albert Old Country Roses, an extensive Irish Noritake dinner and tea set, Harvesting pattern, Pallissy ware, Royal Doulton White Nile dinner wares, a Troika vase, Royal Worcester including a fine bowl with internal Art Nouveau decoration, etc.   GLASS includes good decanters including 19th century ring neck, sets of table wares, vases, large bowls, paperweights, and Italian coloured glass.

OBJECTS OF INTEREST include an original rare paper napkin commemorating Votes For Women and printed as the souvenir official programme with drawings of 19 suffragettes around a plan of Hyde Park advertising 20 platforms and 80 speakers for Sunday June 21st within a border of violets, a group of signed letters from Kenneth Williams to his close friend Rae with others from Michael Anderson his agent and Stanley Baxter, including newspaper clippings; a letter from The Liverpool Playgoers’ Club addressed to George Bernard Shaw requesting that a part in The Apple Cart might be played by a woman. (Mr Shaw says: No. Go out into the street and ask the first diplomatic person you meet to play Sempronius, he will be delighted; a woman would subtly spoil the overture. Sorry for delay in answering GBS 17.12.48.); a model chemist’s shop, carved pipes including a very large 19th century German Meerschaum pipe, the stem incorporating the foot of a goat, lead model soldiers, a good carving of a bear attacking a monkey, old fountain pens, two Le Blond miniatures, a model diver’s helmet, a ship’s bell, tinplate TOYS including a Schuco motor car, and a clockwork model 3-wheeler Morgan in aluminium body, a Gaiety Toy by Castle Art Product Birmingham, Tri-ang and Meccano train sets, Marmod steam engine, The Royal State Coach for 1977 Silver Jubilee, still bubble wrapped, a model Gypsy caravan, records, a dolls’ house with furniture.

BOOKS AND MAGAZINES include The Magnet, The Gem, School Boys’ Own, The Nelson Lee, a huge collection of P J Wodehouse including first editions, a collection of Mickey Spillane, a first edition of The House at Pooh Corner in red leather with original box, and The Arcadia Press – A History of Warfare by Field Marshal Montgomery, No 107 of 265, signed by the author in original box.  Postcards, coins, badges, a large quantity of SILVER AND PLATE, English and foreign, including a huge model cat and tray and a huge flatware service, extensive plate section.

We have an extensive JEWELLERY section including a diamond bracelet, gold and silver pocket watches, a modern Cartier Pasha wrist watch, Longines and Omega watches, dress jewellery including a collection of buckles and an enamelled silver dressing table clock.  Good oil and table lamps including one supported by a naked dancer, ceiling lamps including a French one with large white glass shade.  PAINTINGS, approximately 80 lots, including A H Braunston, Maureen A Marsh, Willy Matthes, P J M Nairn, Gabriel Moreno, A Nicholl, Richard Dighton, Stephen Ward, Robert Chailloux, Juan Couver, Bartolini, F Lozano, N Yates, B Muegge.  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS including a violin, three acoustic guitars and a squeezebox.

FURNITURE, mainly 19th and 20th century includes a good 19th century mahogany pedestal sideboard, a splendid 19th century cylinder bureau with ornate marquetry inlay, fantastic oak furniture, Puginesque cabinet on stand with panelled superstructure, Victorian carved oak cabinets, two large carved oak sideboards, three oak coffers, one a mule chest, a Regency library chair, a set of three good 19th century Windsor chairs and a single similar, a 19th century tilt-top breakfast table, a Georgian secretaire chest, a linen press, an immaculate roll top desk, cane and bamboo bookcase, a Globe Wernicke style bookcase, a day bed, chair sets, a spectacular Edwardian display cabinet, triple wardrobes, shipping goods.  GENERAL EFFECTS including garden statuary, tools, beds, white goods, etc.


Title: 29th SEPTEMBER 2011

Date Posted: Monday, August 15th, 2011

Title: 11th AUGUST 2011

Date Posted: Friday, July 29th, 2011




Including a fabulous antique terracotta garden fountain, circa 1820 and a full early 20th century diplomatic uniform with bi-corn hat and sword in original metal box.

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A full saleroom awaits you!  It’s the first time we haven’t had enough room for all the PICTURES and we have a very wide selection.  Artists include H. Garling, C. Pearson, Seyni Diagne Diop, Katherine Catkin, Lacoux, Perse Geoffroy, Ellen Edwards (Staples), Ivy Bailey, John Piper, Frank Aris, Edward Emerson, Richard Stone Reeves racing prints, Richard Dighton, Laura Knight, Demester, Roy Perry, Robert Chaillaux, Charles Hardaker, Charles William Carey, B. Priestman, Brian Wright, H.K. Kasparian, cartoons by Leslie P. Marchant, A.T. Smith and Beauchamp, and WWI military caricatures by C.H. Sacre.

COLLECTABLES including a sculptured garden fountain, circa 1820, in terracotta, modelled as a boy holding a conch shell riding a sea monster, a full Edwardian diplomat’s dress uniform including his hat, sword and boots, in its original metal trunk, a Victorian reproduction of one section of a 15th century three section alter piece known as a Predella, probably on lime wood, a framed rare bronze relief by Dhambikeshwars, a renowned Indian bronze sculptor.  Also MEDALS, COINS, STAMPS, cigarette and postcards, football programmes, old posters (war and civilian), magazines and theatre programmes, buttons, toys including Britains Coronation Coach in box, John Hill & Co Brigade of Guards, in box, Airfix, model  cars, Hornby Tank Goods Set No. 40, a model Hawk 200 with wing tip side winders, an Argyle and Sutherland bugle, a Fullers calculator, model guns, two Japanese swords, rock, pop and classical records, a collection of Rolls Razors and miniature Guinness bottles, good old umbrellas and sticks with interesting handles, old air rifles.  COSTUME includes some of the contents of a 1960s time-warp bedroom with Carnaby Street fashions including Paul Smith, concert button badges, etc.  We have three pairs of new Church’s shoes and Austin Reed suits.

JEWELLERY includes gold and fabulous rings from a local home.  SILVER AND PLATE includes a large collection of miniature silver objects, mostly to be shown photographed here on the blog, along with the usual collection of bowls, tea sets, cutlery, etc.

There are lots of ORIENTAL CARPETS including one large example, an unsold lot from Bonhams that had an estimate of £5000!  BOOKS including early Peter Pan/Rackham, Tanglewood Tales/Dulac and Alice in Wonderland/Robinson along with thousands more, including erotica.

The shelves are full of POTTERY, PORCELAIN AND GLASS and include a Lalique fish bowl, 7 ins., and a daffodil vase, 10.5 ins., both signed, 19th century Meissen, a large signed Moorcroft vase, a good Minton Porcelain Bell dinner and tea service, a Bretby aspidistra pot on original stand, Troika, Doulton Toby jugs, art pottery, Worcester tea wares, Austrian wall plates, Royal Doulton dinner wares, Poole, Carlton Ware, Beswick.  GLASS includes 18th century, including a Lavenstein glass and two other examples and good 20th century glass, including Whitefriars.

including good oak, three longcase clocks by J Swinburn, Hexham, John Chance, Chepstow and a Newport maker with painted dial; also a modern model in a walnut case, an oak dining table, monks table, coffer, dresser base, chests of drawers and a carved chair. We have a fabulous Victorian marquetry circular pedestal dining table, chair sets, a chinoiserie cabinet on gilt stand, a chinoiserie display cabinet, Italian inlaid furniture, a George lll satinwood games table, a chaise longue, Victorian settees, a superb reproduction walnut dining table, chairs, sideboard and cocktail cabinet, etc.

A fabulous 18th century French cello is in the sale room and we are waiting confirmation for it to be included.  MODERN EFFECTS including a Sony Bravo flat screen TV, a superb pine dresser, Indonesian wood and metal furniture, modern speakers, a leather settee, yew table, chairs and cabinets.

Check out the photographs on the next blog, please.  We look forward to seeing you on the 10th and 11th of August.

The Antiques Trade Gazette recently bought another scam to our attention and I include it here for those of you who do not read their magazine. If you know of it already then no harm done!

Antiques Trade Gazette News Article – 25 July 2011
PayPal alert over eBay buyer scam

EBAY users are being warned of a new scam that targets sellers who allow buyers to collect items in person.
In a recent case, a seller handed over a computer to the buyer who arrived at his home, having checked that payment had been cleared via PayPal.
However, less than an hour later, the seller received an email from PayPal saying that the buyer claimed that their account had been hacked into.
PayPal then withdrew the payment because the seller had no receipt proving postage or delivery, which meant that they did not qualify for PayPal’s Seller Protection policy.
PayPal have now warned that sellers should avoid agreeing to have items picked up from personal addresses, both because of the ‘hacking’ scam, but also because in other cases buyers claim never to have received the goods.